Friday, January 04, 2008

Allentown's Crime Problem Solved

Not one, not two, but three blogs breathlessly report that a publicly subsidized and nonlocal restaurant chain, Johnny Mañana’s, is now open in Allentown. One blog even says gracias.

All of Allentown's gangs and druggies have fled in terror. The crime rate has dropped to a standstill. The restaurant is expected to employ 20,000 people.


michael molovinsky said...

Lanta proposed running a shuttle between the Allentown Transfer Station and Manana's, which they were to call "Tiquana Taxi", however, at this point the administration wants to hold off for a "better" clientele than bus riders. Although there is a shortage of police, uneasy patrons can rest assure that if they are assaulted, the attack will be captured on video by the new surveillance cameras. rumor has it that curmudgeon and his ilk will be celebrating the grand opening wearing masks. my concern is that allentown boosters will accidentally mix beer from the brewpub with margaritas from johnny's, and puke on the butz's new sidewalk, sorry for that image

Anonymous said...

I think it is important to not that this place planned on opening long before the $50,000 they applied for was even available.

Other than that this is exactly the type of establishment that the state's KOZ program was designed to attract. But then again the KOZ status expires in 2 years so I doubt it was a huge factor when when Mananas decided to open.

So what's the problem?

Angie Villa said...

I'm getting my flamenco dance dress ready!

Anonymous said...

anonymous, the opening of almost ANY business downtown is mostly positive. The question is, can that business survive given the current perception of safety in Allentown?

Almost no one who does not already work or live downtown will set foot there after hours until the city gets serious about changing that perception. It's not likely this establishment, or the Brew Works, can thrive long-term on its lunch profits.

Unless the already understaffed Allentown Police Department can position an officer within eyesight of night-time patrons, unless the city invests in high intensity lighting and provides adequate parking within a one block radius, few will be attracted.

It seems highly unlikely anyone will attend a performance at Symphony Hall and walk to either mentioned establishment. There are far too many options that seem less threatening.I think back to the Pennsylvania Stage Company who I believe was similarly affected.

So the problem is, until the city strongly addresses the perception in a VERY agressive and visible manner, such openings are really NOT getting everything they need to succeed.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11;33, i not sure which 50k your referring to, they also sought a special lower cost liquor license through the city. there are so many funding sources now; the city, redevelopment, aecd, etc, it would be difficult to track the money. at any rate the project took over 4 years to complete, and i would venture the public tab is much more than 50k

Anonymous said...

I think someone should make note of what the public subsidies were, if any, before we call it a subsidized establishment. From what I know there was none.

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher, there is high intensity lighting and lots of parking within a one block radius.

Granted, a constant police presence ( of officers who actually give a darn) would help.

Bernie O'Hare said...

this is exactly the type of establishment that the state's KOZ program was designed to attract.

That's a crock. Sorry. The KOZ was originally intended to attract business that resulted in jobs and that actually paid a living wage.

I'll agree that the introduction of a new business, as Retired ASD Teacher so wisely notes, is mostly positive. But what disturbs me is that, every time something like this happens, the pom pom wavers come out. This has already been spun at three different blogs, and you'd think that Bethlehem Steel had been resurrected.

There is a very big spin machine at work in Allentown that is trying veryt hard to mask its very reaql problems. Allentown, like Bethlehem asnd Easton, is a great city. But unlike its sisters in the LV, it has a very vocal segment that shoots anyone who even suggests that it might have a few problems.

Instead of addressing just the perception, Allentown cheerleaders need do what Easton Mayor Sal Panto will focus on in his first term as mayor - making the city clean and safe.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mike, if the damn thing is in a KOZ, it's publicly subsidized. If it's getting a "special" liquor license, it is publicly subsidized.

Anonymous said...

If there were two uniformed officers standing at 9th & Hamilton all night B O'Hare and Team Molivinsky would be right there to criticize the city and police department for catering to yuppies instead of responding to poor folk arguing over food stamps and babies mamas in the hood.

Allentown can't win with some of the people on these blogs so there is no point even listening to their opinions.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mike, I see. I do think government has an obligation to help its less fortunate. And I would not be complaining about "poor folk arguing over food stamps and babies mamas in the hood," but I'm not a bigot. Looks like that's your realm.

Actually, I'm not all that excited about Allentown. What disturbs me most about Allentown is not its ABW or Johnny Mananas or Mayor Pawlowski. What bothers me are the cheerleaders who wear blinders and who insist everyone has to see things the same way. Everyone must pretend there is no crime. Everyone must pretend they go for strolls in the most crime-ridden parts of the city in the middle of the night. Everyone must complain when the MC truthfully reports a murder. Everyone must join in the attempt to seep Allentown's poor out of the way instead of providing a good education and meaningul jobs. That's my complaint.

In her brand new blog, Allentown resident Dottie summarizes the problem quite nicely. She notes that banners on the 15th St bridge would look a lot nicer if the city had painted the bridge first. "It's kinda like turd-polishing."

And that's what you are doing. Your putting coat after coat of paint on big fat turds, and you are fooling no one but yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Have you been out your front door in Nazareth lately? All that dust covering mangled telephone wires draped over toothless people wandering the side of the road. Yuck!

If Allentown is a fat turd than your home town is a toilet filled with them buddy.

Mike Moloturdsky said...

It's all part of the Democrats evil plan to saddle Allentown with eternal debt, while giving all of Pawlowski's donors handouts.
I'll be passing out aluminum fil hats at the next Allentown City Council meeting to anyone who wants to be shielded from their vil "don't worry, be happy" mind control beam.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Thanks for proving my point. Anyone who is remotely critical of anything in Allentown must be bashed. My community, Nazareth, has plenty of problems. I write about them, too. No one considers me anti-Nazareth when I write a post that criticizes its goofy mayor or its police department. Those criticisms, combined with the criticism of NewsOverCoffee, the ET and MC, have led to significant improvements in the way that Nazareth government operates.

Like Dottie said, no matter how many coats of paint you apply to a turd, it is still a turd. Allentown has big problems, and Johnny Manana's is not the answer. Neither is ABW. The city has to be clean and safe. Even we toothless people understand that much.

Anonymous said...

There you go Mike playing the political party card. As a follower of everything Allentown you must know the thing that put Paw-lousky in office was monied Republicans.
On his 'team of 1000' many were from the wealthy, landed and monied arisocratic Republican ranks.
The guys pushing and making big bucks on these projects are Republicans. It is easy to understand Mike, the Republicans own the places and the Democrats serve the tables.

Chris Casey said...

I was reading your comments and something is not right, then I received a strange email. This is hilarious! I have been to Tiajuana, actually went bowling there. Maybe that is what the Downtown needs a Bowling Alley.

Angie Villa said...


I can't believe my turd polishing comment got so much attention!Please check out my new post at my blog.