Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bloggin' on the Air With State Rep. Rich Grucela - Wednesday's Lineup

Tune in Wednesday at 9 AM to hear State Rep. Rich Grucela on WGPA 1100 AM. Rich voted against the midnight legislative payraise, refused to take it, and was rewarded for his troubles by losing his role on several key committees. He may have lost the confidence of the House leadership in Harrisburg, but he won the hearts of the Lehigh Valley. This year, he's unopposed. But he wants to do a show anyway to talk about real tax reform, some real ideas for reform in Harrisburg and developers' impact fees. Give Rich a call tomorrow at 610-866-8074, and let him know what you think. This is one of the very few government leaders who actually does care what the people think. You can also livestream the show.


Anonymous said...

As a retired teacher of government in the Easton Area School District and former Northampton County Council president, there is much that Rich Grucela us about the imperative for reforming Pennsylvania's and Northampton County's governments - as well as those of the townships and boroughs that he represents.

I believe that Rich is also a member of the Jefferson Reform Initiative and supports overhaul of the commonwealth's 1873 Constitution.

That overhaul must include the plugging up of any of the loopholes that led to passage of the Ripper Act of 1901 (1903?) that forced Philadelphia and that replaced Pittsburgh's mayor with a "recorder" anwerable only to the that city's political bosses, the Nashville, Tennessee Boss Crumps of Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately, these corrupt bosses succeeded the Ripper Act with the city-classification system.

This system has mandated two casinos for Philadelpha and one for Pittsburgh, but none for the Class 2B City of Scranton.

Of course Gov. Ed Rendell cares nothing much for Scranton - or at least he didn't when Bob Casey was his primary opponent for governor - and the Republicans definitely care nothing for for former Lt. Gov. Bill Scranton.

They rejected him as a candidate for governor against Fast Eddie, and even denied him chairmanship of the Pennsylvania Republican Party Committee.

Anonymous said...

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