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Monday, January 25, 2021

Would You Like to Do Some Blogging?

This year's municipal races will attract far fewer attention (and votes) than the Presidential election we just endured. But it is arguably far more important. What your local elected officials do in office has much more of an impact on your daily lives than whatever Congress and the President do. Are the roads being maintained? Do 911 dispatchers answer your emergency calls? Are police or firefighters around when you need them? Are you being taxed to death? Is anyone out there doing any thing about warehouse proliferation or the increased truck traffic?  These issues matter. Yet turnout in municipal races drop dramatically after a Presidential race.  The result is elected officials, often bad, who have received insufficient scrutiny. Compounding that problem is a local press that no longer has the manpower to pay attention to local races. 

In my blog coverage, I usually focus only on a few races where I have an adequate  understanding of the issues and candidates. These would primarily be in Northampton County, Bethlehem and Allentown.  That leaves numerous races uncovered. Also, I write from my own perspective on things. Though I always try to be factually accurate, I am biased. It would be refreshing to both my readers and myself to see stories, especially about upcoming elections, from others. 

If you have such an interest, please email me at BOHare5948@aol.com. 

I want persons who can provide their identity and who can blog about specific races or communities with honesty and clarity. I'm especially interested in those who find my views insufferable.  

I am aware we have a few local bloggers besides myself who certainly have their own perspective. At a time when local news is becoming extinct, we need more.  

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Huck Weaver said...

The Allentown municipal election should be entertaining