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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Thode: 75% of Pa.'s LTCF Residents Have Contracted Covid-19

I want to take a moment to thank Steve Thode, who has been tracking the pandemic numbers, bad and good, since the inception of this public health crisis. Here's his latest observation. 

"As of today, there have been 10,022 deaths among residents of Long-Term Care Facilities in PA. And, there have been almost 60,000 positive cases among LTCF [long term care facility] residents.

"Based on an estimated Pre-COVID LTCF resident population of 80,000, that means almost 3 in 4 LTCF residents has tested positive, and, more than 1 in 6 LTCF residents who have tested positive have died."


Anonymous said...

Or another statistic would be simply 1 in 8 LTCF patients have died of COVID-19 which is an astonishing percentage. The 75% infection rate is also astonishing.

Anonymous said...

So, according to the statistics one could assume that there is a coordinated attempt to cut down on the number of senior citizens. It would cut the costs of both federal and state govt. You did not break down what percentage are black. Are more blacks dying from covid than whites?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the worldwide death count re: the US and wonder if Dr. Thode has an opinion on it. The US represents 4% of the global population but has over 20% of reported worldwide CoViD deaths. That seems statistically suspect, especially given our hospital systems and the relative paucity of deaths in China, Russia, Africa, and especially, India. Given the available numbers, the US is performing worse than most third world nations. Can this be accurate?

Anonymous said...

And yet just this morning, Joe Biden has appointed Dr. Rachel Levine to be his Assistant Health Secretary.

What a confidence booster. I guess Biden wants to see similar results nationwide.

Build Back Better!

Anonymous said...

The appointment of Levine is a depressing signal that the incoming administration is not taking the virus seriously.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Levine is moving up in the world. How many of you right-wing losers can say the same?

Anonymous said...

One of my friends lives in Norway, and she was shocked at our death counts. In fact, their death count for the country (population approx 5 million) is close to the death count for our county (population approx 300,000), around 500 now. It’s just astonishing to me! But she says their government has been extremely proactive, testing was plentiful from the very start, and contact tracing is used well to cut off the spread.