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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Only 13 Black Republicans in State Legislatures

Pennsylvania's General Assembly consists of 253 members, including 50 senators and 203 state representatives. Of that number, 25 are black. Pennsylvania's population is about 12% black, meaning that blacks are slightly underrepresented in the state legislature. Interestingly, all 25 black legislators are Democrats. Nationwide, only 13 black state legislators are Republican. 


Anonymous said...

I see the Unity Party is busy with its race-baiting operations ahead of the inauguration.

At least democrats rally around minority candidates, particularly in minority districts.

Just look how they supported that wise Latino legislator (Pete Schweyer) over that white Karen (Enid Santiago). Oh, wait...

Never mind.

Special K said...

I’m sure some of the white folks got them because of their association with people of color. Being married, having children.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a complete surprise considering the path the Republican party has been on since the 70's as the Right Wing Conservative elements consolidated power. Part of their messaging has continually been that the inner cities are a drag on the economy because of the high crime rates and their heavy reliance on government funded social programs.

The Republican "Southern Strategy" following the Civil Rights era, also had the unfortunate
but natural long term effect of drawing in racist elements and factions into the party, which any black voter should/would end up questioning if this is truly a comfortable political home for them and for sure there are proud members of the Republican Party that do not want them there.

None of this was really overtly embraced or spoken aloud, and while you can't say Trump truly did embrace White Supremacists, he certainly didn't make too much of an effort to distance from it either.

Add in the historical distrust that the black community has had with law enforcement, coupled with the reaction and talking points of Right Wing media to nearly any protest involving a police shooting. Black political leaders are routinely mocked and ridiculed. If a black athlete makes any sort of social commentary statement, the reaction in general is "stick to sports". Black Lives Matter is labelled a urban terrorist movement. The list goes on and on.

Sadly for Republicans is that most polling shows that black voters tend to be fairly aligned with most moderate center right fiscal policies of the party. Democrat though have done a very good job in their messaging about where many Republican social stances run counter to where black voters want to go.

Anonymous said...

And 90% of Burger King and McDonald's ads that sell chicken feature black actors. Is that racist or capitalism's highest form of flattery.

Anonymous said...

I am sure all the black democrat reps are from Phila and Allegheny, there were some black republicans who ran but they lost to white democrats, Montgomery county. in predominately democrat districts. So much for an overwhelming desire to get more black office holders. It only applies if they are democrat black candidates.

Anonymous said...

Trump reportedly got 18% of the black male vote, They must be racist's also.

Anonymous said...

I blame the Democrat Party to a certain extent for not recruiting and supporting minority candidates. For example when PA created the 22nd District, it was hailed as the State's first Latino district. So who did the Democrat establishment run? The whitest guy they could find, Peter Schweyer.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't understand why I was reading this democrat talking point here yesterday, until I realized that it was the same day that Tim Defoor was sworn in as PA Auditor General.

You see, Mr. Defoor is the first African-American and person of color elected to a statewide row office. But there's a problem - he's also a Republican.

That means that the same party that democrats falsely claim is racist, and the same Trump voters who are constantly falsely accused by the Left as being white supremacists, are the ones who elected Mr. Defoor to office.

That is an inconvenient truth that the democrats have to hide, and why we read a post about the racial breakdown of the general assembly instead of celebrating the accomplishment of Republican Attorney General Timothy Defoor.