Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Long-time Prosecutor Seeks Lehigh County Judgeship

Patricia Fuentes Mulqueen
There are three judicial vacancies to be filled this year in Lehigh County. Patricia Fuentes Mulqueen, a long-time and well-respected prosecutor with two decades of experience in both Northampton and Lehigh County, has announced her candidacy for one of these openings. 

“As a full-time Assistant District Attorney for the last 16 years – including nine years as Chief of Violent Crimes – I have worked hard to provide victims of crime and their families with a strong voice to ensure they receive the justice they deserve,” she said. “I will be a tough, but fair, judge who follows the law to protect Lehigh County residents while ensuring everyone who comes before me will be heard and treated with dignity and respect.” 

Mulqueen met her husband, Matthew, while attending DeSales University. Because her husband was in the military, she had to take college courses in Georgia, South Korea, New York and Hawaii. After obtaining her undergrad degree, she earned her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 1998, and she was admitted to practice law that year in Arizona. 

Though she's a prosecutor now, she initially worked as a public defender. 

Mulqueen, her husband and their three children retuirned to the Lehigh Valley in 2004. She was initially hired as a prosecutor by Lehigh County DA Jim Martin, but former Northampton County DA John Morganelli stole her 13 years ago. She has stared down murderers, kidnappers, drug dealers and violent criminals in qa career in which she has been an advocate primarily for doing the right thing, 

Though she's a Republican, she's no blue blood. She's youngest of ten children, family is especially important to Patricia. Her father worked as a dishwasher, caretaker and cook to provide for his family. He eventually became a chef. 

He impressed fiscal restraint and a work ethic on his daughter. “I understand that county taxpayers want a court that is mindful of their hard-earned tax dollars, especially during the pandemic when many are struggling. I am committed to running an efficient and effective courtroom that helps control costs and avoids frustrating delays,”

My only complaint about Pat Mulqueen, and one that I've voiced to her several times, is that I wished she lived here. Lehigh County is fortunate to have such an outstanding person. 


Anonymous said...

You only seem to mention judicial candidates' party affiliation when they are Republicans.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Geez, you're nutz. She mentions her party in her news release. I know and admire her very much. If I lived in LC, I'd be voting for her hands down.

Peterjcochran said...

She’s a wonderful person ,aggressive and integrity.