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Monday, January 18, 2021

Grandpa Armstrong at Lehigh Valley Zoo

Nationally and statewide, we've been going to hell in a handbag in recent days. At such a depressing time, it was nice to see Lehigh County Exec Phil "Grandpa" Armstrong's latest update. In the aftermath of an assault on our democracy incited by no less a figure than President Donald Trump himself, Armstrong took a trip to the Lehigh Valley Zoo. He introduced us to two giraffes who live at the zoo. 

Right now, they're inside because of the cold weather. You can visit them from Wednesday thru Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm. Grandpa also suggested people might want to roam the 2,000-acre preserve as well. 

It will also be open today for MLK Day. 

Armstrong vows to return with more Lehigh County attractions. 

Here in NorCo, the closest thing we have to a zoo is the courthouse. There are no giraffes, but many unusual species visit. These include an endangered species known as the bottom-feeding blogger (L. imo blogger-pascens)



michael molovinsky said...

Perhaps Grandpa could take a trip to Wehr's Dam. I stopped in to see him after he was elected, but he was too busy to see me or phone me.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see "Do Nothing Phil" focusing on the big picture.

While NorCo has set up numerous free Covid test clinics for NorCo residents, Phil finally got one in Lehigh County just a little over a week ago.

Instead of playing with the giraffes, his time would be better spent focusing on getting more of county government open so that it can actually interact with the public (you know, the people he supposedly serves).

The zoo is a nice distraction, but his priorities are misplaced.