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Monday, January 11, 2021

Syrian Immigrant Seeks Seat on Allentown City Council

Allentown businessman Tino Babayan is a Syrian immigrant who has prospered in the Queen City. I've spoken to him at a few City Council meetings. I'm delighted to report he's decided to run for City Council. His daughter Jaylin explains, "[M]y dad's been someone for YEARS volunteering in the community and someone who has always been a helping hand for whoever needed it......he’s someone who will literally give you his own shirt off his back and be there for you every step of the way."

I know that in addition to his business interests, he has been active in youth sports. He has previously supported an increase in police foot patrols and rehabilitating vacant properties to provide affordable housing.

His Facebook page is here.  


Anonymous said...

Since only a Democrat can be elected to office in Allentown, I'm guessing he is a Democrat? It sure would be nice if party affiliation could be dropped for local elections so that we could focus on the personality, merits and qualifications of a candidate.

Nat L. Hyman said...

Tino is exactly what the citizens of Allentown need on city council! He is a good man who cares about our city and has consistently given back to the people of this community. I know that his only agenda will be to restore Allentown to the safe, clean and thriving city we all knew. Equally important, he will give our large Syrian community a well deserved voice in our future. I encourage everyone to support Tino, as I certainly will.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Mr.Hyman.

Anonymous said...

What are his qualifications? Syrian immigrant who helps kids? Is he black, or LGBTQ? What makes him qualified.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Lol, That’s LGBTQ+. You’re obviously not woke.

Tim Curran said...

I've worked with Tino in youth sports and on a couple of volunteer projects. He is a business owner and an employer, he knows how to get things done. The youth sports organization we were involved with had over 600 children across 5 townships. Tino was the president of that organization. I followed him. He is qualified to be on the city council although I cannot imagine why he would subject himself to it!