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Thursday, January 21, 2016

NorCo Bomb Scare Results in Unexpected Half Day Off

Mike Thompson, dance machine
Sometime around 1 pm yesterday, Northampton County received at least one call warning that there were explosives at the courthouse. Sheriff David Dalrymple did the only thing he really could do - he ordered the building evacuated while police and fire officials swept the building.  Businesses and homes adjoining the courthouse were also warned of the threat and advised to leave, while sheriffs set up road blocks to prevent anyone from getting too close to the courthouse.

Most employees were eventually sent home. I have an excuse for being behind on several title searches, which I'll milk for about a month. Even judges and Assistant DAs were  required to leave the building, but they seemed to enjoy the opportunity to chat with workers in other departments. Ass't DA Mike Thompson, sporting the Indiana Jones fedora in the photo, even practiced his dancing,but was promptly arrested for disorderly conduct.

The building remained closed until after 4 pm.

There were no criminal trials in progress yesterday. Several years ago, a bomb scare was called into the courthouse in the middle of a trial being conducted by Judge Kim McFadden. Instead of sending everyone home, she moved the trial into the parking lot next to the courthouse.

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