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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Judge Wecht Wants to "Clean Up" Judiciary

David Wecht, a Democrat who currently is serving on the Superior Court, is one of 15,678 candidates seeking one of three seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. That court's reputation has been tarnished by two justices - one Democrat and one Republican - who were forced to resign after being embroiled in scandals. This occurred while we were still reeling from the Kids for Cash scandal in Lackawanna County.

Unfortunately, this cancer has spread to other branches of government, including state legislators, the Attorney General and former State treasurer.

We need judges whose integrity is beyond reproach. People like Sam Murray, to whom due process actually mean something. People like Emil Giordano, one of very few judges who is as approachable and down-to-earth today as he was when he was first elected. And it seems that Superior Court Judge David Wecht has the right idea.

According to PoliticsPa, he has a five-point plan to restore public perception of the court's integrity.
  • Absolute ban on all gifts to judges
  • Tightened Anti-Nepotism Policy; Sunset Employment of Judges’ Relative
  • Require judges to rule on the record in writing on all motions for recusal
  • Mandated ethics courses for all judicial candidates
  • Television broadcast of court proceedings

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Anonymous said...

Lets hope he wins and is able to do what he says he will.