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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Professor Schlossberg To Educate "Progressives" On Reaching the Dark Side

We already know that State Rep. Mike "the Professor" Schlossberg is going to take his Bachelor's Degree and teach the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce how to create successful business blogs. But that's only where his expertise begins. This is apparently "the most exciting weekend of the year" for progressives, and Schlossberg will be teaching a class at the Harrisburg Hilton on how to reach the dark side.

This Democrat in a one-party City is giving a lecture entitled, "Preaching Beyond the Choir: Using Social Media to Reach Audiences Outside Your Own Echo Chamber"

Here's how his class is explained:
Most people who use social media are pretty good at creating and sharing content that gets their friends excited. But as progressives our goal has to go beyond that — we have to get the rest of the population psyched up and behind our ideas. Participants will learn how to 1) Create, phrase and share social media content that can influence more than just the progressive community, but a broader social media audience. 2) Not be annoying and drive other social media users nuts. 3) Message content so it applies to the general audience, not just the progressive community.
I'm already annoyed.  


Anonymous said...

Smart! The teabagger leadership has used it to convince poor Americans they are better off with more of their money going into the pockets of multinational billionaires than in their own pockets.

Who knows, maybe he is on to something. The right has exploited AM radio and cable news for years.

Anonymous said...

Schlossberg reminds me of Rick Moranis as Darth Helmut in Spaceballs.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

Will you be enrolling?

Anonymous said...

He left out a couple of standards from the lib play book:

1) demonize your opponents

2) mindlessly repeat phrases related to deviant sexual behavior (see 1st comment)

3) attempt to nullify opposing points of view by focusing on the source rather than the substance

Anonymous said...

anon 1:56,

Nice reversal there.

That actually sounds like the Fox news formula for their network.

The only difference would be number one is, "identify the person or group responsible for your own failures or miserable life."

Anonymous said...

Schlossberg and Jonathan Gruber know the pool of stupid Democrats is a target rich environment for an easy shakedown. With dummies like this, it's easy to understand why conservatives and libertarians own Twitter.

Anonymous said...

"identify the person or group responsible for your own failures or miserable life."

Hey, I never mentioned your parents.

Anonymous said...

teabaggers are so witty, not!

Anonymous said...

Again with the deviant sex act?

One-track-mind I guess.

Anonymous said...

"Again with the deviant sex act?"

You guys named it!

Anonymous said...

Tea Party, tea bagger...

Just because all the parties you attend involve tea bagging doesn't mean everyone else associates the two terms together.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck,

We teabaggers are on the march.

You guys are what you proclaimed yourself. By the way your don't tread on me banner was waved by South Carolina when it seceded from the Union in 1861 in order to preserve slavery.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, if I type

"We teabaggers are on the march" glenn beck

into google I come up with no hits. Could it be you're paraphrasing some sort of sarcastic comment he made somewhere along the way? In any event he's not obsessed with term like you seem to be.

And thanks for providing great examples of the 3 steps I outlined from the lib's playbook.

By the way, "Don't tread on me" goes back to the American Revolution, but then I guess that doesn't demonize opponents enough for a liberal hack.