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Monday, February 09, 2015

Union Agent Seeks Re-election to Allentown City Council

Allentown City Councilman Joe Davis, first elected four years ago, is seeking a second term. A former union bricklayer who now works as n agent in five different counties, Joe is urban growth regime cheerleader. He supports Republican J.B. Reilly and all the tax cuts because it means temporary jobs for his boys. But once the last brick is laid, what's he gonna' tell his boys? This union support is myopic, which will become more obvious once the NIZ dream starts turning into a nightmare.

“The city is undergoing a major restoration and revival and we need to continue this momentum to bring more family-sustaining jobs into Allentown,” Davis said. “I believe in Allentown and I want to help sustain the effort."

“I am accessible," he claims. "I encourage residents to bring their issues to me. I want to continue to serve the residents of this great city in any way that I can."

He may be sincere. I hope he is. But I have a problem with him if he is serving city residents from the City/ANIZDA box at the PPL Center.

Born in Bethlehem, Davis has lived in Allentown for 32 years with his wife Yolanda. They have two daughters, Adrianne and Serena, both of whom are graduates of Dieruff High School.

He was also a Properties of Merit Cheerleader.

Though he claims to be accessible, I am reluctant to release his contact information without permission.


Anonymous said...

I for one will be voting for Joe Davis

Rakish Good Looks said...

If he fell for the properties of merit nonsense, he should not be elected and should submit to a full psychological check up from the neck up.

Anonymous said...

This guy is one of the worst councilmen Allentown ever had, Every time a question is asked to him you get silence, or i will take that question to mayor find out what i should say. Allentown needs a change it should start with people like Joe Davis The people need more independent thinking people on council. When you see joe ask him when he last voted against something the mayor wanted, NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL. That you can count on!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This guy wasn't elected 4 years ago. He was appointed to fill the vacancy of Frank Concannon and was elected in 2013 for the remaining of his term. It's his first election to a 4 year term.