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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Donchez & Reynolds Have Healthy Warchests

Bob Donchez, Willie Reynolds and Mike Recchiuti at a debate four years ago
Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez and Council President J. Willie Reynolds are both reporting healthy warchests. The major difference between the two is that Bob Donchez can keep his powder dry this year, unless he donates to some of the races. Reynolds, by contrast, s facing a re-election battle.

Donchez raised nearly $28,000 last year, and only spent $2,700. So he starts 2014 with a $96,077.86 campaign treasury.

It's good to be Mayor.

Reynolds did very well at raining money, too. He pulled in $21,125.00 over the past year, But he spent $5,037.03, leaving him with a treasury of $21,407.26. That's a nice starting point for this year's race.


Anonymous said...

The perpetual money machine of new government. It is disgusting and a reason why the up and coming Reynolds will no longer get my vote.

These guys raise more money than they need and use to get even more and influence other elections to their own benefit.

Pigs at a trough.

Anonymous said...

It's a one-lever town. Are these guys paranoid or just stupid?

Anonymous said...

Bring back Jim G and we can be guided to the North Star during these turbulent times, he is Maitreya

Anonymous said...

Relax Willie, let Bob have his 8 years and then it's your turn, simple enough.

Bob is doing a fine job so leave well enough alone!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am lucky in that several trolls visit this blog, not just one, and I know them all. i just deleted a comment by Rolf Oeler, a whack job who threatened to kill Obama ont the last election day. Nothing her= posts here is welcome. If I just think something is coming from him, it is deleted.

Anonymous said...

Donchez does'nt run Bethlehem Morganelli and Jim Brouchal do....

Anonymous said...

Funny how Rolf Oeler was never charged in connection with these alleged threats to kill President Obama.

Last time anybody checked, the Secret Service does not take anything even remotely close to a threat lightly.

Is that why Rolf Oeler was never ever detained or even questioned by the Secret Service?

Enough with the melodramatics, Liar.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Rolph Oeler was reported and investigated. His comments here are no longer welcome. Now go away and bother someone else, you little twerp.