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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bethlehem Tp Public Works Going Thru the Salt

In January, Bethlehem Township's Public Works crew had already responded to snow events on 12 different days. That was before the heavy stuff and frigid temperatures came in February.

"We have gone through a tremendous amount of salt this year," Public Works Director Richard Grube laments in his January report. He cautions everyone that, though road crews lay down salt, they do not plow until there are 3-4" on the ground. He adds that they prioritize cleaning the curbs at school bus stops.

If you think you have to clear a lot of sidewalk, Bethlehem Township's crew is responsible for 9,500 linear feet.

Between snow storms, the road crew did attempt to patch some of the potholes that come with winter weather. They also found the time to install the much-desired four-way stop at the intersection of Chester Avenue and Santee Road.


Anonymous said...

Well, you can tell they don't bother plowing. Drive over the line to Palmer Township and roads suddenly become clear.

And sidewalks for bus stops? Hilarious. The plows, when they do plow, put giant mounds right on the corners where the kids stand. The homeowner cannot penetrate those walls of compacted snow.

Out of all the places I've lived, BT is by far the worst when it comes to snow removal. Raise my taxes and plow, please.

Anonymous said...


Go back to where ever it is that you crawled away from, the Twp road crews are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Go look at Church Rd.

I especially like how they clear a sidewalk with a Bobcat leaving a 1 inch layer of hard ice behind. Heck of a job.

Anonymous said...

I guess you've never lived in the City of Bethlehem. Streets that have no cars on them are plowed down the middle, when they could be curb to curb.

Louie Denaldo said...

Lol the township is the worst

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with 10:50 AM. I'm not sure why 3 inches is the magic number but maybe they should revise the number when the temperature is so cold and the snow won't melt as easily.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't think magic has anything to do with it. Plows are ineffective at less than three inches.

Brian Ferencin said...

The State ant any better at plowing...