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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Controller: Time to Revise Administrative Code

Steve Barron
Right after Solcitor nominee Ryan Durkin was finished telling Northampton County Council how easy it is to "apprehend" a Home Rule Charter and Administrative Code, Controller Steve Barron presented a long overdue audit of the Code's procurement provisions. His conclusion is that they "are unclear, inconsistent, and in some cases, overly restrictive." Given the fact that there have been at least four lawsuits in recent years regarding how the County's process for goods and services, Barron is obviously correct.

Barron is recommending the formation of a committee to revise the Administrative Code. This was supposed to have started last year, but never did. Maybe this year.


Anonymous said...

The County Council is the watch dog over the administration. They should tell us what is not working and why and then and only then should a committee be appointed to review the code. The Controller should do the same. Micro managing is not criteria for implementing change. The administration has to have room to administrate the everyday duties and obligations of the County. Change for the sake of change serves no one.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a job for a consultant.