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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Educator Announces Bid For Allentown School Board

FROM MARK TELESHA: Marc Telesha, an educator and advocate for children, announced today that he is runningfor a seat on the Allentown School Board.

“Helping in the community where I live has always been a way of life for my family and me,” Telesha said. “When we were able to buy our first home we decided to buy in Center City Allentown. We love Allentown and being a part of an urban community where we know our neighbors and together help make our neighborhood a better place. I believe my experience and commitment to community service will make me an asset to the Allentown School District.”

Telesha has over 20 years of experience working with children and teenagers building community and providing a structure for children and teens to strive for excellence. His experience as an educator is wide ranging. For the past seven years, he has been employed by Community Services for Children in Allentown, where he currently works as the Technology Lab Coach.

Marc is married to Susan Telesha and have five children. Two oldest graduating from Dieruff and William Allen and their son Zachi who fought cancer for over four years while being a ASD student has given Marc a diverse and strong background on the schools.

Telesha and his wife Susan run a support group for foster, kinship care and adoptive families in the Lehigh Valley. Marc and Susan have five children, three of whom were not born to them, but came to them through Lehigh County Children and Youth. The couple’s late son, Zachi, battled cancer for more than four years. Zachi wrote a graphic novel, Hero Up , and encouraged others to remember that, "Little things can make a big difference.”

The Telesha’s choose a recipient for the Mayor's annual “Hero Up Award.” The award is given to a volunteer under the age of 18 who is making a positive impact in Allentown.

Blogger's Note: Although Telesha has devoted his career and life to children, a review of his LinkedIn Profile reveals that his reference to himself as an "educator" appears to be misplaced. He does not appear to be or have ever been a teacher. But he has a lot of experience in academic environments. 


Anonymous said...

I will be voting for Mark. To be honest, I will be voting for anyone who is not named Scott Armstrong. Scott is so far off the reservation. All that I need to do is listen to his last interview on WAEB. The man claims in that interview that he is a loyal Republican, yet in the last election he put his name on the Democratic ticket. He did this because he knew if that he did not he would not win his seat. Now that is saying about his commitments... Scott Armstrong will doing everything to win office no matter what the cost is to his true beliefs. I predict will not reelection, but at the same time will be the candidate looking in.

Anonymous said...

As an actual city taxpayer who is not a school teacher working at ASD (like 12:53 am), I will be voting for Scott Armstrong. Armstrong advocates for resident taxpayers. While he has voted in favor of reasonable tax increases, I feel that at least he is looking out for us not the interests of non-resident union employees.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The man claims in that interview that he is a loyal Republican,"

He is a partisan. What disturbs me is he tends to be very divisive. But he likely works hard at the job.

michael molovinsky said...

@12:53, the fact that a republican hasn't won an election in many cycles in allentown is much more an indictment against democracy in this town, than your off topic vendetta against armstrong. school candidates are entitled to cross register, and most do.

Anonymous said...

Scott works hard,unfortunately his mad dog ideology hampers his real world activity.

Anonymous said...

Is this candidate one of the democrat party hacks that King Ed is supporting with his PAC?

Anonymous said...

Note to blogger. .....let me guess the source of the press release...... Unlike some other candidates, he seems to have an interesting story. No need for the political consultant to embellish, I guess that is habit.

Anonymous said...

612AM Ask Armstrong about the 5 million found money last year and the 11 million this year. You should look at the facts before deciding on who really looks out for the taxpayers and who looks out for ASD administration.

Anonymous said...

2:03. Is this revenue to the school district from the DCED program that allows a business to give to a district of their choosing in lieu of paying the commonwealth? DCED tracker shows who contributes. My guess is that this is not money factored in the budget.