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Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Dems to Seek LC Comm'r Seats

Four years ago, when the conservative Gang of Four sought seats on Lehigh County's Board of Commissioners office, they ran under the umbrella of a PAC called My Lehigh County. Fast forward four years, and the Democrats are doing the same thing. A trio is running for the Board, and they call their PAC the "Citizens for a Better Lehigh County."

Sccording to a news release from former news guy turned politico Daryl Nerl, "Citizens for a Better Lehigh County was formed by a group of elected officials and citizens who want to see a county government that will work in the best interests of all Lehigh County residents. Citizens for a Better Lehigh County believes that the current majority of Republican commissioners have been destructive and fiscally irresponsible and do not represent the values of county residents."

I see.

Well, I kicked the shit out of the Gang of Four four years ago. So to be fair, I gotta' tell you this trio of Democratic Commissioner hopefuls seems more like the Three Stooges than anyone interested in good government.

Their leader is former Allentown School Board member Joanne Jackson, who changed her name to Bauer, and then changed it back to Jackson again, I guess. A year or so ago, when her car was stolen, I wrote a story about it with her permission. Not one thank you. Not nothing. She is fairly self-absorbed and has no interest in a better Lehigh County, She is interested in a better Joanne Jackson. Or Bauer. Or Jackson.

By the way, she's a big Blog Mentor fan. Yes, she roots for the Allentown hate blogger being sued by Lehigh County DA Jim Martin. She roots for a guy who actually wishes death on other people and is happy when they are sick. She proposed him as her replacement on the school board even though he has an enemy list at least 100 names long.

If you think she stands for good government, then let me tell you I am very pretty.

The second misfit, Hillary Smith, is the former campaign manager to Republican-turned-Democrat Michael Beyer. That campaign was so lousy that the Supreme Court turned up its nose at Beyer and tossed him off the ballot. He was crushed. Because she's freelancer, my guess is she is looking for a paycheck.  .

The final member of this pack is Bob Martin. Nerl's new release fails to provide any details about just who he is, except that he is a Democrat.

They're having a kickoff party on Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 6 p.m. at the Westgate Mall in Bethlehem, which is apparently still open.

Oh yeah, they claim they're bipartisan.

And I'm the Pope.

Ron Beitler has a piece about this too. He is hoping Dean Browning runs. So do I. He reports that Olympic gold medalist Matty Nothstein is running.Cool!  Brad Osborne and Vic Mazziotti are seeking re-election. Though I torment Vic and had him so mad at me two years ago that he hung up on me, and disagree with about 90% of his politics, I think he's an excellent person who belongs on that board. Appointee Amanda Holt, who should return to piano lessons has decided to run. Lisa Sheller is reportedly done.


michael molovinsky said...

actually, daryl nerl always combined his journalism and politics. when i ran for mayor, rather than afford me fair coverage, he reported from an antagonists point of view. furthermore, he didn't report on my most important news conference, although he attended.

Anonymous said...

Is Wes Barret giving it another go? He can close in a Republican district seat.

Anonymous said...

Wes did excellent considering the geography of his district losing by only about 100 votes. 10,000 were cast.

Almost every district was close. It came down to Upper Milford where Schware doubled up on Barrett. Most all other districts were competitive to dead even.

I think Wes would do well in an at large race. Suburban districts like Lower Macungie will swing moderate. They did it for Muller that was key to his victory.

Wes is incredibly hard worker.

The Blanker said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually, Barrett lost in a Democrat district.

Anonymous said...

No, Barrett lost in a mixed district. Upper Milford the only part that swung pretty wild is definitely not Democrat. Parts of Emmaus are and Parts of Allentown area certainly are. I definitely wouldn't call the district strong either way.

You can see the breakdown here: