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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nazareth Boro Police Ass'n Announce $500 Essay Contest for HS Seniors

The Nazareth Borough Police Association is offering a $500 scholarship to residents who are Seniors in high school, either at Nazareth High School or a private or charter school. The details are below. If you know someone who lives in Nazareth and is a senior in high school, make sure he or she knows about this essay contest.


Anonymous said...

Handwritten all in capital block letters??!! That would drive me nuts after a few sentences. The specificity of how each paragraph should be and all the rules remind me of my grade school Catholic school teacher. Good luck to those students up to the challenge.

Anonymous said...

What a JOKE! Just like the clowns running the Nazareth Police Department. Your embarrassing yourselves with this even more on your "secret campaign blitz". If you want top do good for the community? RESIGN!

Anonymous said...

@3:51 - you're probably the same person @3:44 on the above article, don't know what your beef is with Nazareth Police but it must be really eating at you. Most local police departments have an association that has scholarships to students in their community. Say what you will but it does show in some way that these officers care and aren't what many portray them to be. Just so you know I am not a resident of Nazareth, but I am supporter of law enforcement. Every department has a few that might be less than caring, but the larger majority are in the profession because they want their communities to be better places. So I applaud this association as well as the others for their commitment and contributions.