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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fergus McCarthy Competing at Westminster!

Fergus McCarthy is one smart little Glen of Imaal Terrier. Not only does he provide security at Bethlehem's Donegal Square, but like most Irishmen, he's very good at smelling out a rat. So good that he's won several competitions and is one of very few terriers from this side of the Atlantic who has been selected to compete at Westminster.

Like most Irishmen, he likes to talk, too, and this is what he has to say about his upcoming trip.

So, I am in Westmnster!!!! My dad, a/k/a Neville Gardner, is my handler! I'm sure every chick interested in me will be trying to look up his kilt first! OMG! Can u imagine? They won't be paying attention to me in the ring but will be screaming "Whats worn under the kilt?" So my dad, instead of making sure my private parts are lined up on the table, will be doing the Queen's wave to the spectators! Lehighvalleylive didn't interview us yet, but I'm here, in Bethlehem, and here is my Public Relations pre-Westminster event."

Join me at Donegal Square, 534 Main Street, Bethlehem PA from 2-4 PM on Feb 14 and mention me and get 30% off any one knitwear item, blanket, wool accessory item or ask me and I'll fill u in on what's covered! I'll be there , and I'm hoping my sister AOIFE ( a champion going to Westminster too!) Will be there too!

We will do Paw Prints, but real autographs may be difficult! Poor CORMAC and FINN will be staying home this time! CORMAC is a bt ADHD and FINN really wanted to go, but The Woman Betsy can only handle one at a time!

See you Saturday 2-4 PM at Donegal Square, 534 Main, Bethlehem and again-on the USA Network Tuesday night! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Things are not always what they seem.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above is right....ask the Bethlehem dog warden about these dogs