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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Retired Parkland Teacher Seeks Allentown School Board Seat

FROM AUDRERY MATHISON:  Audrey L. Mathison, a retiree from Parkland School District, has announced that she is running for Allentown School Board.

“I’d like to apply my years of educational experience to help restore the quality of education in the Allentown School District and to serve the community I live in,” Mathison said.

Mathison taught English at Parkland High School for 40 years and understands the importance of language skills, arts and humanities in shaping the minds of teenagers preparing for college and the workforce.

Mathison can also bring the board insight into labor-management relations as she spent much of her time at Parkland in leadership with the Parkland Education Association, the district’s teachers union. She has also served on the board of directors of the Pennsylvania State Education Association and the National Education Association.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Audrey moved to the Lehigh Valley in 1966 to earn her master’s degree in education from Lehigh University. She became a teacher in the Parkland School district in 1967 and retired in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows her knows that she'd make a fine addition to ASD. Good luck Audrey!

Anonymous said...

It would seem Karl Marx is smiling somewhere.Only in Pawloski's Allentown would He sponsor a union leader Who only distinction has been labor strikes .I know Ms. Mathison will say She's for the children ect. but all She cares about is leading union members in striking against the taxpayers either in Parkland or Allentown 'Solidarity Forever'

Anonymous said...

Looks like King Edwin and the ASD Teachers Union have chosen their slate including Elizabeth Martinez, Charlie Thiel, Marc Telesha and of course Audrey Mathison. I'm sure all 4 have only the interests of the children at heart. No doubt their campaign will be well funded "Chicago Style" from outside Allentown. If Audrey Mathison was sincere, attended school board meetings and was running a grass roots campaign, I could vote for her. But now that she has joined forces with King Edwin's Political Machine, I can't help but question her motives. Surely she will be a rubber stamp for the union, which would not be good for any school district.

Peter J.Cochran said...

It should be illegal for academia to run for board seats. It smells like 'conflict of ' from the beginnings of. They vote in their pals and get in the way of proper judgement. That's right I said it.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Shool board members should be paid,VETTED FIRST and represent the taxpayers and parents of the children to in fact demand performance of their 180 days of work ethics.How would one do this with even a 'nice wolf 'in the barn?