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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Mezzacappa Lawyer, Larry Otter, Has No Malpractice

Mezzacappa lawyer Larry Otter, who just happens to be the mouthpiece for the Gracedale Initiative Committee, has no malpractice insurance. After seeing his work, I can understand why.

In 2009, the Commonwealth Court waxed Otter with $80,000 in attorney fees and costs for "cumulative disingenuousness" and vexatious, dilatory and obdurate conduct. Just one year prior to that, the U.S. District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania tagged him with $33,928.05 in fees and $1,508.86 in costs "for relentlessly pursuing baseless litigation." Judge Juan Sanchez said, "[I]t is difficult to imagine a better example of frivolous, vexatious and unreasonable multiplicity of proceedings or the continued pursuit of a baseless claim... Mr. Otter failed to show he had conducted any investigation of his claim or attempted to gather any supporting evidence."

Well, Judge, I think we now have a better example.

Otter drafted the Complaint filed by Mezzacappa on Wednesday afternoon, which you can read for yourself below.

I realize that posting this Complaint provides fodder for the trolls. But to those of you who are rational, it's pretty obvious that Otter just took the angry rants of an emotionally troubled person to make baseless and irrational accusations.

Paragraph 17, for example, claims I poisoned Mezzacappa's pet pig on Monday night. The proof? I happened to be in the Borough that evening, attending a Council meeting.

I see. Throw away the keys.

The next day, I am accused of leaving rat poison and a handwritten note on Mezzacappa's porch, stating "Dead Pigs Make Good Ham."

This time, no proof at all is offered.

Blogger Michael Molovinsky, who sometimes doubles as my psychiatrist, tells me it could have been worse. "Think of the bright side," he said. "They could have accused you with sexually assaulting the pig."

That will probably be next week.

The Complaint is below. You can reach your own conclusions. My conclusion is that this is a malicious prosecution.


Swami G said...

Bernie, You are keeping good health? First you must be analyzing yourself . You have to figure out if you are mind ,body or soul oriented. Once you know how to channelize systemetise, synchronize , systematically ...ultimately you could become the source of inspiration for many people. I understand pride but this whole situation is beneath you

Bernie O'Hare said...

No it's not.

Bill Coker said...


As a gambler I can say, you are a lock!

Both of these people are obviously nutcases (although Otter must make a good living being one).

Bernie O'Hare said...

I hope so, because he is going to owe me money when this is over.

Anonymous said...

You should have just let her have her way with you (bed,backseat, alley way-wherever) and all this would be for naught! Oink Oink

Anonymous said...

The only difference between you and Otter is, he is still a real lawyer.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh I'm a lawyer. You can take away my license but not my training or the way I think. My father used to tell me there are many people out there who have law degrees, but few are real lawyers. Otter has a law degree, but he's no lawyer. i don't know what he is, but he's certainly no lawyer. Just as you don't come close to "Reality."

Anonymous said...

He is licensed to practice law, are you?

Lower Mack said...

My messageis directed at all the moron trolls who insist on bringing up your past on any and nearly every post.

We all know it. It doesn't matter. We readers don;t care.

It doesn't change the truth.

You're merely boring us.

AND, displaying you're low IQ.

Anonymous said...

Otter isn't the sharpest sleaze in the gutter. His Gracedale referendum provided a solid closing date and the ability to plan for it by privatizing and cutting costs. He's a real chess player.

Donnie Del Maso said...

Good luck Bernie. This lady is different.

Anonymous said...

11:05 AM

That is what is called compromise.

All that was wanted was an opportunity to keep the facility in county hands for a set period. In "FACT" the people behind the initiative didn't choose the 5 year plan. I'm sure someone somewhere would be able to clarify the source of the 5 year plan. It was stated at infinitude during the debate, that if it fails to be self sufficient there would be no further resistance to sell. It was also stated that the union(s) will need to make concessions.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Just read the news online at Lehigh Valley Live. Now you should strike was the iron is still hot.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I was delighted to learn of the Court's decision, which apparently came down yesterday. I have yet to see it or be officially served with the Complaint, for that matter. Otter's not big on things like serving the people he sues. I expect to seek justice myself very soon against ALL of the people who have been making malicious and knowingly false accusations of criminal behavior.

Anonymous said...

ALL of them?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, I contemplate that eventually, there will be several defendants.

Anonymous said...

In your mind. If the court does not throw it out, some of those defendants "named" will file against you and Angle. And he has some things to lose. Now that you are working as a reporter (???) you have income to take.

Anonymous said...

Congrads Bernie. A loss for the crazy side. That was in order for all of us who are reasonably sane.

Yes Gracedale may be on it's slow turn towards being sold. The unions will see to it. Good things are worth the wait.

Can't wait for your lawsuit.

As far as the people who constantly criticize your loss of practice, do we really care what they think? They also give Obama a pass at every turn while they themselves have probably had their own share of problems. They just do not recognize it when it is them....but when you meet them you figure them out pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect sir, I believe you should be the last person to critique why an attorney has what he has, or does what he does.

After all he, unlike you has a license to practice law. Whether or not he is good at it is another story.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There's n respect intended by your comment It is merely a repetition of old news posted here every day, as though it is some big revelation. Actually, as someone who has lost my license, I am in an unusually good position to criticize the actions of other attorneys. With all due respect.

Anonymous said...

One person's "ridiculous" is another person's "standard operating procedure."

Hold them accountable! The shoe would be on the other foot if "the others" were named, ridiculed and lied about for months.

Anonymous said...

He's scum.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He is clearly very unprofessional. He has added fuel to a fire. He advanced a claim a claim he had to know was baseless. Sure, the publicity hurt me. But he did a greater disservice to his client.