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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Atiyeh Challenges Revised NIZ Plans in Lehigh County Court

At a hastily called meeting on March 13, Allentown's Planning Commission last month approved revised plans plans for redevelopment of a 5.1-acre square block along Hamilton Street with a hockey arena, 7-story hotel containing 180 rooms, 7-story office building and two parking garages. This is the cornerstone of Allentown's controversial Neighborhood Improvement Zone.

Abe Atiyeh, who filed suit over the original approval, has now filed a legal challenge to this latest approval in Lehigh County Court (2012-C-1516).

I have no further details at this time.


Anonymous said...

Did you see how poor folks who own homes on Front street are being victimized by Atiywh. He is taking Allentowns dirt and debris and dumping it on his Front Street lot.

The neigbors have complained but old Abe says tough crap the city says its ok.

He is quite the hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's a different Atiyeh (Dennis), but probably a relative.


Anonymous said...

go for it abe , fuck the city and king ed anyway you can

silly rabbit said...

Palumpa and crew should be worring about forthcomming suit against the city officials for covering-up assault and some sort of insurance steering that officials have taken party too!

Anonymous said...

It seems that The City has to rush thru this arena project before too many folks start asking too many questions.It is the perfect time to file litigation as the Mayor has to pay off these suits to avoid construction delays

Anonymous said...

The Express has just posted a nice little article about Mayor Ed's double talk on the taxes being put into reserves for refunds. This will make your head spin.

Anonymous said...

Look it up ---- please ---- who has more lawsuits against them????? JB Reiley or Abe??? It surprises me that the press treats each one so opposite.