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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rat Poison! It's What's For Dinner!

Last week, Mezzacappa claimed to have me on videotape, peering into her car and placing nails under her tires. As if that were not bad enough, I apparently threatened to rape her. What's more, I apparently was going to feed her pet pig "a piece of steak soaked in rat poision. [sic]"

Any one of those things, if true, could and should land me in jail. The accusation alone is pretty damn chilling.  One would think that Mezzacappa would immediately contact Easton police, especially after capturing me on video. After all, in 2011, she called police to her home seven times (see below) for matters as trivial as a noisy taxi.

As soon as she made these ridiculous claims last week, I filed a Right-to-Know request with Easton police. Oddly enough, there's no record at all of any reports to police about any video of  me placing nails under her car tires or peering into her car windows. There's no report of last week's supposed rape threat or a threat to give her pig tainted meat, either.

Maybe she forgot.

Until Monday night.

After seeing me in West Easton for a borough council meeting on Monday night, Mezzacappa made sure to call Easton's finest. (You can see the police report here). She complained someone had fed her pig rat poison and that someone might be me because ... I was in the borough.

Mezzacappa then told the officer about the "tainted meat" email threat she had received the previous week. On her blog,she claims the email was from me. But she told police it was anonymous.

And guess what? She deleted it.

According to the investigating officer, the little piggie was acting normally, eating bread and drinking water. But Mezzacappa pointed to a neat little pile of a "blue granular substance," not scattered around, which the officer recognized as rat poison.

Now I don't know much about pigs, but it seems to me that a piggie who noses around in rat poison is going to scatter it all over the place, not leave it in some neat little pile.

By the way, there's another police report on file from January. That's when Easton police had to escort Mezzacappa from Borough Hall. She had apparently dropped in to demand records without making an appointment, and then refused to leave. When she did go home, she called police to claim that Borough Council Prez Kelly Gross had left a voice mail, screaming at her.

She accidentally deleted that voicemail, too.

Here's a summary of the seven police reports from last year.

WWWE Files: The Wicked Witch and the Beeping Cabbie - In addition to a tirade at a cabbie who was beeping his horn outside her home, the Wicked Witch was reported by two people, including the cabbie, to have used the "N" word in describing her neighbors. According to the Officer, "her vocabulary was tinged with hints of racial bias." Hey, no crime in that, right?

WWWE Files: W Easton Stole My Letter ... to W Easton - Mezzacappa accuses Borough Council Prez Kelly Gross of stealing a letter for the zoning officer, and demands an investigation by both the "division of government corruption" and DA John Morganelli.

WWWE Files: Wicked Witch Reports Chop Shop ... on a Second Floor. - They must be dealing with Fiats.

WWWE Files: First a Chop Shop, Now Drug Dealers - Yep, these are drug dealers who race and down her street in loud cars.

WWWE Files: The Beeping Cabbie Sets the Wicked Witch Off Again. - The bells, the bells

WWWE Files: No Parking on Mezzacappa's Block - Mezzacappa delights her neighbors by photographing their parked cars.

WWWE Files: Bernie the Burglar Even though I left no tell tale "BO" glove, I apparently stole important papers from her home, leaving everything else intact.


Anonymous said...

Berne she is in desperate need of psychiatric help. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

This is getting funny, this in fact is actually better then any sitcom!!!

You and Mezzaluna going at it now in court against Norco's finest.

Don't do anything to piss off the powers that be up there as they might issue a court order barring you from their courtrooms!

Walk softly O'hare!

Anonymous said...

I read the article on Lehigh Valley live this am. She complains about "how shes talked about on your blog" Do u have copies of ALL the nasty articles she wrote about you on her blog?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have copies of every defamatory statement he made. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects bloggers from liability for anonymous slurs that get published. But when the blog is moderated, the story is much different.

Anonymous said...

Bernie I told you as did others that the would not stop and would get worse. I have dealt with woman like this and they never stop. They are bullies, hateful, alone (as they should be) abusive and lethal. Be careful and thank God you know enough about the law to shut her down. She needs to be put in her place in a big way to have even a little effect, but at least it's something. She is a loser all the way around and will always just be
a VICTIM. Actually at any time anyone can and will become her victim. Court committed therapy at the very least is in order for her. No one should have to be drug into the crap that is her world. My best to you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks. I do consider her dangerous. I believe her false statements merit scrutiny as well.

Carol said...

Bernie, she actually has a pig? A pork chop pig or a pot belly pig? Carol

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's a pretty big pig for a pot-belly.

Anonymous said...

I've never served on a jury and am frightened by the prospect of one's fate in the hands of twelve people not sharp enough to avoid it. I demand to be on this jury, however. I'd gladly accept $12/day or whatever to get front row tickets to this show. She's clearly unstable. Do you feel in physical harm? I think I would. Scary.

Anonymous said...

BO - Is it true that Otter has no malpratice insurance!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am deleting comments that continue to attack me over this matter. There are at least 4 hate blogs that wil gladly accept that drivel.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"BO - Is it true that Otter has no malpratice insurance! "

Yes. But he has assets.

Anonymous said...

You are not deleting attacks, you are allowing attacks on this woman. Thank you for participating in her case.

By the way to your lemming buddies, there will be no jury.

Bernie, you better school your pack in the law.

Anonymous said...

She asked for these attacks. She is not a nice person and will turn on any one of us. She actually thrives in all of this attention and believes the law will protect her. We need to be protected from these types......