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Friday, April 06, 2012

Upper Nazareth Will Challenge Allentown's Tax Grab

Patch reports that the last Upper Nazareth Township Board of Supervisors, at its April 4 meeting, voted to join a lawsuit lawsuit challenging Allentown's diversion of EIT to fund projects within a Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ).  

This is the fifth municipality to challenge Allentown's tax grab. Hanover, Bethlehem and Lower Saucon Townships, along with the Borough of Hellertown, have voted to sue as well. All are from Northampton County. 

Solicitor Gary Asteak is quoted as telling Supervisors the lawsuit has merit as long as "the Commonwealth Court looks at the lawsuit through the ebyes of the law."


Anonymous said...


Very telling that these maroons passed legislation with no idea what impact it would have on the other townships in the region.

And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

They know, they know it's painful, and they're doing everything they can to delay it until the bonds are floated.

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

Congratulations to Upper Nazareth! Your are representing your citizens responsibly.

You are being asked to help fund something over a long period of time. This whole plan seems pretty open-ended, doesn't it? Your participation will ensure more information is forthcoming. No surprises.

Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The burbs are afrais of losing a little money to the city but yet they take and take and take. Maybe these townships should be required to build low income housing projects, churches and other tax-exempt properties. i really have no problem giving the city a portion of my taxes.......gee maybe one less farm destroyed.

Anonymous said...

What has Upper Nazareth EVER taken from Allentown?

Doc Rock said...

The "wave" of discontent is beginning to look like a tsunami!

zoid said...

This is coming full circle and Senator Browne will go down with the ship along with Mayor ed and his palace of sport!!!

zoid said...

To Doc Rock, what is happening to this point is just the tip of the iceberg, many other municipalities are engaging in this as well as several school districts.Allentown paints this whole thing to regionalism, not even close or why would everyone be jumping on board to fight this tax grab?

Anonymous said...

This is a Non-News item!

King Eddie said...

I smirk at your pathetic attempts to conquer my kingdom. You are but pawns to my holiness.

Anonymous said...

I want to know what Browne got for this. I want to see him frog-walked.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that if an entity was truly concerned about improving the economy of the REGION, they would discuss, develop and plan that concept with its regional partners. The reginal plan would be agreed to by a consensus of those involved after discussion and debate. This NIZ has none of these cooperative traits. It is akin to a roman emperor deciding, during the decline of Rome, that to draw more commerce to his (formerly) great city he will build a new gladiator arena. And, this construction will be funded by a tax on all the conquered lands outside of Rome. It will be built by his 2 best friends, who agree to hire one of his wives as a "consultant" . Then when the "lesser" people of the conquered resist, the emporer tries to justify by telling them what is good for Rome is good for you. Is it hard to imagine, esoecially iif those conquered states economies were already struggling, that there would be a revolt?

Can you picture Mayor Ed dressed in a toga with the olive branch crown on his head, being fed grapes by Senator and Mrs. Browne?

Anonymous said...

"This is a Non-News Item!"


Future Downtown Arena Attendee,

Your propaganda STILL sucks.

Any time you and Chairman Pawlowski are ready to be schooled, give me a call.

My fees are extremely reasonable and I offer competitive financing, as well.


Anonymous said...

Upper Naz twp is still reeling from the Joe Emrick tax reduction. While Emeick was planning jis run for stste rep, he reduced taxes slightly. Then told evryone how great he is. Thanks Joe, they had to take $250,000 out of reserves to pay for this, then raised our taxes 83%! And you want to represent us in Harrisburg?

Anonymous said...

Your Right, Rep. Simmons also supported this Tax and supported higher taxs locally because of his Harrisburg vote.

Anonymous said...

Does UN have any idea if they have employees in the NIZ? It sounds like a lot of people are in the belief it is all of the city and not just a 130 acre zone that has several large empty parking lots, empty buildings, and many small stores.

Maybe they do have some special insight, but the Northampton entities seem to be very interested in this as litigation?

They should save their legal budgets for Abe's suits.

Anonymous said...

It was stated at the upper naz meeting that in 2009 or 2010 there was over $50,000 inEIT paid by upper naz residents who work there. Keep in mind that includes the school district's half of the EIT also. Now multiply that by 30 years and consider the loss of businesses because they go to where the developer can charge $5 a foot instead of$15 because of the NIZ subsidy graft and it makes sense for outlying municipalities to spend a few thousand now. Not to mention what this lawsuit could do to inhibit other cities to try a similar grab for charity in the future.
If a city is hurting so bad, ASK for help don't lie and steal

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

Anonymous 11:56 truly understands the need to challenge this. There are implications here that are not so obvious.

This would be a GREAT investigative piece for the Morning Call. Too bad it has a different mission these days.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:49 pm -

Let's put aside the myth that the suburbs owe something to Allentown. While some suburban residents might have lived in the city, many others never lived in the city. And it's not the suburbs' fault that those who were formerly city residents left.

The blame for that belongs to Allentown City Hall, which has followed one bad decision with many others, including the way the NIZ has been administered.

Allentown's made its bed, everyone else shouldn't be forced to sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

Allentown should be able to annex all area municipalities into the City.

The entire area should be, when finished approx. 150 square miles in area.

Then entire area would be a second class city.

Anonymous said...

The city has no legal responsibility to repspond to other municipalities regarding state law.

The fact is, every one keeps saying Allentown , Allentown that, but this suit is challenging the state not the city. Good luck on that one.

Anonymous said...

I see 11:56 has put a dollar figure on the EIT from UN. It seems high but lets look at the numbers just for a resonableness check.

There are about 1600 or so paying the UN Township EIT. If they are annually paying $50,000 (school and municipalty) they are assuming about 100 of the 1600 workers are in that 130 acre zone.

I'm still thinking the municipalities are thinking it's the whole city generating the EIT dollars.

Anonymous said...

The suburbs were built with smart management and the applicable ordinances and fees. They did not do it with “tax grabs” and deceit. The developers paid for public improvements, not the tax payers. It is SO ironic that the City of Allentown’s stationery includes the motto “City without limits”. So poignant as they STEAL from the suburbs.

The data not being released by the City of Allentown from Keystone indicates that the tax grab will be in the millions of dollars. Browne and Obama both believe in the redistribution of wealth. Is it their goal to make the beautiful suburban office parks look like the bombed out buildings of Allentown? Perhaps the suburbs should enact a tax for any Allentown resident working in their municipality.

The centerpiece of the NIZ is an arena that will host the Adirondack Phantoms. Perhaps Adirondack needs to enact a tax grab and they can keep the Phantoms.

Does his honor the mayor know the difference between the blue and red line? Does he know what a hat trick is?

He does know what a tax grab is!

Who will be the first school district to join? I heard Parkland or maybe the Bethlehem Area.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those Upper Nazareth workers I the NIZ and I paid $2237 EIT in 2011.
And a quick look at the county records show over 2000 homes in UN township The previous posting assumed only 1600 workers , that seems a little low to me

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:28 Please don't ever relate Browne and Obama in the same vein. Completely different! Browne redistributes wealth to his relatives and friends, thats the republican way.


Anonymous said...

I nominate Pat Browne to Frank Conconnon's seat on City Council. Browne will never win another election and he has already proven to be a Rubber Stamper for Pawlowski.

Anonymous said...


SOLYNDRA were pretty good friends of your Democrat hero OBAMA ...

... EVERYONE knows ALL ABOUT Obama's "Big Bundler" buddies now ...

... and how access to the White House and cash from the Federal Government they got.


Anonymous said...

All of these yo-yos (Reilly, Topper, etc) stuffing their pockets with Taxpayer Gold ...

...they are all contributing to PAWLOWSKI (a Democrat).

The Rubber Stamp Allentown City Council is ALL DEMOCRAT.

Give yourself a break with your wailing about Republican Cronyism.

Anonymous said...


Pat Browne.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To: anon 11:03,11:06, and 11:08- You have heard the adage; If you have nothing intelligent to say, and no one is listening to you, talk LOUD and keep repeating yourself.


Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

Let's call this what it is . . .

BLANK CHECKS from the account of state and local taxpayers.

The Deegan editorial over at the Express-Times today is incredibly naive. The man is either clueless about economics or dishonest. Taxpayers are being required to create instant equity into buildings owned by private developers. They do so without receiving interest payment and hold no collateral. They will provide these sweetheart deals, over and over, for many years.

No commercial bank would agree to such a deal. Will you?

Anonymous said...

Emerick and Simmons are also RINO's

Anonymous said...

They are also one-term lame ducks.

Anonymous said...


Ask me if I care what YOU think and I'll tell you to stick it where the sun don't shine.

I ain't buying no stinkin' hockey tickets to the Palace of Sport EVER.

Got it?

Tell your Democrat friends.

Anon 11:03, 11:06, 11:08

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:13 :

I think shoving a $ 160.0 million dollar Palace of Sport down my throat is rude.

So, you can take your lecture down the road because I just ain't listenin' ...

... or buyin' hockey ticekts.


ironpigpen said...

You Cheerleaders are doing nothing but pissing people off forever.

Remember, I am not selling anything.

Too bad Chairman Pawlowski can't say that.


Anonymous said...

Exactly WHY am I supposed to be buying hockey tickets to the $ 160.0 million dollar PALACE of SPORT?

I just ain't feelin' it ... keep trash talking --- that will do the trick.