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Monday, April 09, 2012

Even Bottom Feeding Bloggers Can Be Defamed

An ... ahem ... anonymous comment on the Gracedale blog trashes the Easton police department for the information they supplied to me late last year about West Easton GOP Delegate candidate Tricia Mezzacappa. They were responding to an open records request. They stand accused of enabling my "absurd obsession." It's a "blatant atrocity" and everything.

Why did I file a request? Mezzacappa claimed that, on August 26, I kicked her pig and attempted to assault her sexually. Pretty serious stuff. At the time, Mezzacappa stated "[t]he police call should be on record. It was placed to the Northampton County non-emergency 330-2200."

But there is no record. Not with Northampton County or Easton police.

Mezzacappa is lying. She later changed her story to claim she "skid in a puddle of warm piggy pittle and dropped the phone." But who the hell does she think she's kidding?

Since that time, she's continued to make wild stalking allegations, and last week, actually claimed to have me on videotape, looking in her car window and putting nails under her tires. She follows that up by incredibly claiming that I was threatening to rape her and poison her pet pig the very next day.

Now if she really had such a video, don't you think it would be online by now? If unable to convert it, don't you think I'd be in jail anyway, after police saw it?

Mezzacappa is lying. There is no video, no assaults, no stalking, no threats. Just vicious and very damaging lies, posted by a mentally disturbed person who thinks there's absolutely nothing wrong with publicly wishing for my death.

All Mezzacappa can do now is blame police for allowing me to prove she's a liar.

Unfortunately, she has made even more serious and damaging accusations of a more sinister nature, and these reckless lies are all being repeated with glee at the Gracedale blog.

That's why legal action is necessary. It's not fun, to be honest. It's very time-consuming, but I have a right to protect my reputation, and I will. It won't be ending with Mezzacappa. That is just the starting point. I suspect it will be a long trip.

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