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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Altieri Criticizes Hahn's Absence, NIZ Vote

Leslie Altieri
State Reps. Marcia Hahn and Julie Harhart were unable to attend Friday's state budget forum. That's unfortunate, because they missed an opportunity to hear from the very real people directly impacted by Governer Corbett's proposed 20% cut to county human service programs. But two people who would like their jobs were there.

Leslie Altieri, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to oppose Hahn, said, "It's important to come out and hear the concerns of your constituents and their stories so you can actively represent them when you go back to Harrisburg. Her [Hahn's] decision not to attend today just shows that she's supporting the Republican Corbett budget, and will vote to cut all these essential social service programs."

Altieri was also critical of the NIZ legislation, which Hahn supported in a 2011 vote. "We don't need to make those investments if it's taking away from other people who directly need our help now."

Hahn stated she was unable to attend Friday's forum because she had other appointments that day. "I am always willing to meet with constituents and discuss their concerns," she said. She offered no explanation for failing to send a staffer.

Hahn has previously said she supported the NIZ legislation, under which EIT from other municipalities can be used to finance improvements in Allentown, because it can only go on for thirty years.


Anonymous said...

Leslie, you have my vote!

Mr. Anonymous

No Phantoms said...

atleast South Whitehall is finally going to join the lawsuit!!!

http://www.southwhitehall.com/boc/120418A.pdf 9 d

Woo Hoo!!!!

Mark Baker said...

a entitlement dem challenging another entitlement dem. Wonder which one will winn the food fight.

What joke these two are. Unfortunately the joke is on the stuipd lever pullers who can not think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to clarify Rep. Hahn's stance on the NIZ. I believe she claims to have been mislead by Sen. Browne. If she wasn't it could be a tough November with all the municipalities in her district that joined Hanover with more coming.

Hanover leads the way.

Anonymous said...

Marcia Hahn occupies the office, that is all.

She does a great Craig Dally, doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is this imbecile, Mark Baker?

Anonymous said...

You have my vote Leslie, thank you for going to the meeting

Mark Baker said...

I see I am told not to write personal attacks but they are allowed towards me. Your standards are very weak BO

Bernie O'Hare said...

You bring it on yourself, with your condemnations of everyone. You have nothing constructive to say, so go somewhere else.

c said...

Leslie is one of the most selfless people you could meet.

Anonymous said...

Leslie you have my vote. Very nice to meet. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

It's time to vote imcumbents like Marcia Hahn out of there and give someone new like Leslie a chance!
Politicians are like bread; when they sit too long in one place, they get stale!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Um, Marcia has been there two years.