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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Few Questions For King Edwin

He night sue me for $150 million, but I still have a few questions for King Edwin. He does not respond to my emails, but reads this blog.

Dear King,

You are furiously trying to make a "deal" with the plaintiff townships on the EIT.

According to WFMZ, you want to float the bonds for the Arena on May 1.

Yet, according to published reports, your tax collectors won't have a report ready on the actual EIT figures until sometime in June.


How can you expect the townships to make a "deal" without knowing the actual figures?; and,

How can your underwriter float the bonds without knowing the actual figures?

Oh, by the way, the construction contract (to Butz) for the Arena is now a reported $174 million, and you want to float bonds in excess of $200 million. Why are these figures suddenly much higher than reported just a few weeks ago?

Finally, why do you have such accurate figures on costs, but such inaccurate figures on revenues?

Your loyal subject,



Anonymous said...

Yo Bernie how about a post on the elections? Holden took it on the chin from a new, real Democrat. I guess the ads with Panto and all the bigtime insider Dem supporters like Seyfried, didn't help much.

Power to the people!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but the answers are evident. The excess debt over costs is simply the financing of current expenses with long term debt. That is good prudent financial management (sic) for this administration. The mayors mates need to get paid so they have kept him informed of what their due is, The citizens of Allentown are the beneficiaries of the income stream, so f*** them. See, quite simple.

Anonymous said...

Written with a British accent.

Did you give the King a Photoshopped nose?

Anonymous said...

Bernie Baby-
Ya gota write about last night's election results. Is the 134th forever to be R? Candidate won by 2,000 votes! That's a strong finish, no?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Yo Bernie how about a post on the elections? Holden took it on the chin from a new, real Democrat. I guess the ads with Panto and all the bigtime insider Dem supporters like Seyfried, didn't help much."

I'll ask people for their comments.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Did you give the King a Photoshopped nose?"

I found and used this pic. Unlike The Morning Call, I am a bottom-feeding blogger, make no bones that I am biased, and have no integrity.

Anonymous said...

Good likness bernie, a cross between panoccio and some sort of vindictive mad clown.

Anonymous said...

I really think that the picture is a big improvement. Hey major, I know a good plastic surgeon!

Anonymous said...

"How can you expect the townships to make a "deal" without knowing the actual figures?"

Are you kidding me?! I am THE KING! I got THE STATE LEGISLATURE to sign on to this scheme. Country bumpkins and apathetic soccer moms will be a walk in the park!

"How can your underwriter float the bonds without knowing the actual figures?"

My pal Glenn R., over in Northampton County, knows some high flyin' financial advisers who assure me they can get it done...


Edward I of Allentown

monkey momma said...

Speaking of the underwriter - who is underwriting this scheme?

And, who is going to buy these bonds, if they are ever issued? What will the return be on this VERY risky venture?

Maybe the figure jumped to $220 to cover the lost EITs.

Will the Atiyeh lawsuit also delay issuance of bonds?

Thanks for all your excellent reporting on this issue. It is extremely impressive!!

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

Just getting caught-up after a long, no computer, vacation.

It's obvious Pawlowski's thuggish behavior is less effective outside Allentown city limits. He's been able to roll all over his own hapless citizens and city council, but to a larger audience, he strikes out. This, as it should be.

There are many similarities to the current national liberal leadership. "We need to pass this, NOW, etc.,etc." I suspect the recent trash to energy contract signed in Allentown will prove equally dangerous to citizens.

I encourage surrounding municipalities to hold firm in their opposition. DO NOT deal with this careless demagogue.

Allentown created this monster. IT needs to work through this on its own.

Anonymous said...

You post a effigy and name call the mayor and expect to be taken serious?

Anonymous said...

The face in hole of King Edwin is so much better. Come on bernie.....you can do better photoshop work than this.

I don't care about the stories. I read you for the pictures.

You're like the playboy magazine of the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

In a way I kind of feel bad for Pawlowski. In a way.

A very small way. Like last brownie in the corner of a whole pan of brownies way.

I don't see him as the arch villain here. I think he's been manipulated by Reilly and Topper into thinking that the NIZ et al was solid, untouchable, a can't miss opportunity. Ed being a true believer in Allentown and his future political career, signed on lock, stock and now smoking hole in the ground.

He let this get away from the City's control. Now they are on the hook for millions of dollars in contracts and steel and way over their heads.

It's who you don't see in this NIZ debate that interests me. The architects.

...who lose nothing if this goes away.

So while you see and hear Pawlowski and City staff....the real villains are Joe Topper and JB Reilly who pretty much just tried to pull one over...on every taxpayer in the state of Pennsylvania.

To their benefit.

And you thought Pawlowski had hubris.

Anonymous said...

The magnificent PALACE of SPORT was always meant to be a monument to the greatness as well as power of CHAIRMAN PAWLOWSKI.

Sure would be a shame if those evil, nasty Republicans out there poisoning the air and water, throwing Granny over a cliff, leaving kids with Autism and Down Syndrome to fend for themselves and also conducting their vicious War on Women succeed in demonizing Pawlowski and his Rubber Stamp Council of Democrat Apparatchiks.

The Propaganda is endless, not to mention, sickening.


Anonymous said...

"The real villains are Joe Topper and JB Reilly"



Bernie O'Hare said...

2:18, you mean like Bill Whit did to Atiyeh yesterday? He expects to be taken serously, damn it, and so do I.

Anonymous said...

What are they blocking comments bernie that this blog is not spewing comments on the picture let alone the episaga of the money pit that just gets larger and larger

Anonymous said...

Preditions: King Edward will get frustrated and resort to name calling a threats.

He'll try another "slap suit" against one or more of the petitioners as a scare tactic.

Bond sale pushed back to July after the EIT grab is calculated.

Adirondack Phantons in Glens Fallss a minimum of 3 yeears.

Allentown Nizzers, formerly the Adirondack Phatoms will play their first game at Steel Sacks Center in October of 2014.

King Ed will be indicted, tried and convicted on RHICO charges.

Stay tuned ........ more predictions to come.

Anonymous said...

With your honker O'Hare, I wouldn't go there. As they say, big nose little hose!

Mark Baker said...

Powlowski's nose is larger because he is a liar. Keep an eye out. It will get larger as the lies continue. His new nickname should be Pinocchio

Anonymous said...

Grand jury investigation?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
With your honker O'Hare, I wouldn't go there.

8:31 PM"

Blessed are the big noses...