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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lehigh Valley "Hypocrisy" Network & The NIZ

NIZ developer J.B. resigned ,as Chair of the Lehigh Valley Health Network, on January 4 to avoid a possible "conflict of interest" just in case "any health organization" got involved with the Arena project or his office development near the Arena. Interestingly enough - what a surprise - LHVN announced their Sports Medicine and Wellness Center on March 19, just 75 days after Reilly's "ethical" departure from the Board. In addition, and perhaps I missed it, did ACIDA solicit proposals from other developers for the publicly funded site for the new office building that will house LVHN? Did they speak to other healthcare entities like Sacred Heart Hospital or St. Luke's Hospital? We know the answer to those questions. Ethics? Situational at best and missing, as in devoid of, at worst.

Lehigh Valley Health Network "rails" against smoking as unhealthy and deadly as part of their anti-smoking efforts with "Smoke-Free Lehigh Valley." But it winks at funding a "Sports Medicine and Wellness Center" with tobacco taxes diverted from Childrens' Health Programs. By including a Cigar Bar, the landlord will assure a steady stream of customers to to LVHN's major enterprise, its Illness Center.

Hey, there's money to be made in cancer.

Of course, this is just more hypocrisy. How can you build a Health and Wellness Center with money generated by the very evils that you purport to attack?


Anonymous said...

Bernie, I must have too much time on my hands. How about Chairman Edward gets the Drones on Council to pass a 1% sales tax.Once established they can raise it each year to go to the Chairman's slush fund. 'Southern Man'

Bernie O'Hare said...

Can't. Has to be authorized by state statute.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

So I wonder what influence the administration has over employees at LVHN who are considered political antagonists?

Natty Dread