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Monday, April 02, 2012

Police Can Be Nice!

They can go non-stop all day and all night, but I get tired just watching kids play basketball. And that's the way it was on Saturday night, when I limped home after an exhausting day of ... sitting on my ass. When I'm tired, I make mistakes, and I made a big one.

There's a red light right before my Estate, and I really did not feel like waiting. There was no traffic coming in any direction, so I kinda' slipped through quietly and right into a parking spot. Turning off the ignition, I opened the door and the first thing I saw was a police cruiser parked on the other side of the street.


I walked up to the officer and said, "You got me."

"You know what you did, right?"


"I was gonna' talk to you. Have a good night!"

"Thanks for the break."

He must not know me very well, or I'd still be in the can.

Actually, most cops are decent guys who exercise what they call "prosecutorial discretion" a lot more than we'd like to admit.

The Bethlehem Township police officer featured above, Brian Kirchner, knows all about sparing the rod. He's a school resource officer at Freedom High School.


Anonymous said...

The goons are going to eat this up. I feel sorry for you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hey I went thru a red light.

Bill Coker said...

How did a Bethlehem officer catch you in Nazareth?

Anonymous said...

Why the Hell would someone purposely go through a red light?? It doesn't matter if traffic isn't coming, its wrong. So I guess you figure stealing isn't stealing if no one sees you.

Unbelievable. You are an old man and you do crap like that. No wonder you get in so much trouble. Grow up!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bill, It was a Nazareth cop. i just wanted to pay my respect to a police officer.

12:12, I was tired, and the light had just turned red. It was still stupid, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Lost revenue for the boro, I'm pissed!

Could have been the cable bill for at least 2 months... and then the cop won't be there next time because he's watching TV as he should be!

Montague Tazewell said...

It appears that Birdshit O'Hare was running late and missed the premiere of "Matlock", which was completely unacceptable because he's fixing to learn all about mediation and act as a moderator for local fire companies in distress.

Readers, don't be confused by the contents of Mr. O'Hare's latest entry. In the world of blogging, journalistic integrity does not exist.

Bernie O'Hare said...

True, that.

Officer Hightower said...

It's a damn good thing this didn't happen in bethlum. But then you would have had to run a light near a wawa to be seen by cop. Bethlum cops creedo "Big gun, little brain".

Anonymous said...

I remember being pulled over by an officer in Allentown when I first moved into the city. I gave him my license/registration/insurance. He noted the change of address and asked when I moved into the city. It has been 1 month or so. He asked if I saw a sign that prohibited left hand turns (this was at 8th/Lehigh Street, near Zandy's... I was traveling north and didn't know I couldn't hook a left when traffic was clear). My eyes got wide. I knew not to say anything. He asked if I wanted to walk down the block with him offering, "a guided tour of a dangerous intersection." I did. We took a walk about 1/2 a block, he showed me how cool the few is of the PPL building, made a comment about architecture about Jefferson Elementary, a passing remark about the sign that showed "No Left Turns" and then told me that Zandy's has great hot dogs. Then we walked back to our cars, he said, "Welcome to our city." Weirdest experience ever and totally set the tone for how I view police in Allentown. Sometimes the union gets in the way and politicians do stupid things, but police are generally the good guys in local gov't. Unfortunately, we don't meet them very often without having done something wrong, but the willingness to go an extra mile or offer a simple courtesy is easy to find in most officers.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Great story!!

Anonymous said...

Bernie, You should have made a run for it. Then be screaming,"stay back pigs, you'll never take me alive". It would have been great!

Anonymous said...

Not that your interpretation of what happened isn't true but, more often than not, "prosecutorial discretion" is due to laziness, cronyism and/or racism than it is to just doing the right thing.