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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mezzacappa Takes Pig Kicker to Court

I've told you I intend to file a defamation action against GOP Convention candidate Tricia Mezzacappa. She's decided to fire first. Represented by none other that The Otter, she filed a "Petition for Protection From Stalking, Cyber Stalking and Restraining Order" yesterday afternoon. The duo apparently tried to get an ex parte Court Order, too, but no judge was willing to play along.

Tricia Mezzacappa is a seriously troubled person who needs the assistance of a psychiatrist, not a judge. She's made allegations of stalking, burglary, attempted rape, threats and even pig kicking and attempted pig poisoning.

If any of this were true, I'd be behind bars. But none of it is true. The woman is nuts. Her attorney is even more nutty. He's the same goof who, at this time last year, was publicly demanding that I be investigated criminally over my participation in the Gracedale saga. He's been tossed out of county and appellate courts on a frivolous claim for attorney fees. He claims to be an election law expert, but I consider him an expert in frivolous lawsuits.

I saw the duo on my way to the courthouse yesterday. The Otter stopped and began taking pictures of my truck.

Knock yourself out.

According to her Complaint, I "confronted" her in her home last August, after a walk. "[H]e proceeded to disrobe and attempted to sexually assault the Plaintiff. Plaintiff managed to throw him out of her home where he was confronted by the Easton Police on the street."

Here's the funny thing. She claims to have called Easton police, but there's no record of that because she made no call.

But I have records.

One of them is an email from Tricia Mezzacappa herself, after I left her home that evening. Here's what  it says.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tricia Mezzacappa <tricia817@rcn.com>
To: Bernie O'Hare <bohare5948@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Aug 26, 2011 9:18 pm
Subject: nice time

I had a nice time tonight. Hope you are well. I feel pretty good. Talk tomorrow. 
Hope the weather lasts. I had to turn on the AC in my room. Waiting for it to 
cool down, then to bed. Enjoy the book. Let me know what you think.


If I had just sexually assaulted her, why would she send an email thanking me for a "nice time"?

Her entire complaint is full of this kind of inane nonsense. It's a malicious prosecution.

Attached to Mezzacappa's Complaint is a a verification, in which she states she understands that there are penalties for "unsworn falsification to authorities."

The complaint is a litany of these unsworn falsifications. It is one thing to lie on a blog, but now she's lying in a pleading.

It's scary to think that this person might have been an elected official, and even now, wants to be a GOP Delegate.


Anonymous said...

There is absolute no possible way that Mezzacappa can/could be a GOP candidate?

Witch or no witch, completely nuts or not, I can authoritatively state for a fact that the GOP are extremely busy waging an all-out War on Women.

(in between traditional machinations involving poisoning the air and water, that is)


Bernie O'Hare said...

But is she a woman?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the GOP run a witch in Deleware last year?

Anonymous said...

"Didn't the GOP run a witch in Delaware last year?"

Yes, but that was BEFORE the GOP declared war on the women.

This was when the GOP was, aside from poisoning the air and water, busy throwing Grandma over a cliff.

The GOP does SO much bad stuff, it IS hard to keep track ... but that is why honest journalists such as myself and MSNBC exist.


Marlin Perkins, Esq. said...


I'm furiously efforting information on pig and otter interactions. Currently, I'm at a loss to explain such a pairing. I urge caution, in the interim, as interaction between the two is likely the result of either or both's mental instability. Has any foaming at the mouth been observed?

West Easton is bordered on the south by the Lehigh River, and is hospitable to otters that wallow in its mud. West Easton is not a native habitat for this type of pig, however, which may explain the litany of problems associated with adapting to an unfriendly environment.

Please be careful. I'll be in touch.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thank you, Att'y Perkins. Perhaps you'll file an amicus brief.

Anonymous said...

The girl is very unstable to say the least. She will never change but it will catch up to her one way or the other. It always does. Thank God there are no children here.

War on woman. Please...No one should pay for you to have sex. As a woman I would have never had my hand out in expectation that you the tax payer would pay for my birth control. Illness is different. It is covered and should be. You choose when and who to sleep with and you get to pay for it in all areas. Not me....More woman are unemployed since Obama took office. That is the true war on woman and why the dems are now backing away from the saying. What hypocrites....

Anonymous said...

Cute girls who want Uncle to pay for birth control are way hot. A 6 becomes an easy 10 when they demand free pills. Lots of blue balls and palm dating before women's liberation. Stop bickering, embrace the readiness and willingness and get some ass.

Anonymous said...


I would IMMEDIATELY put Attorney Otter on notice to contact his liability carrier for filing false civil claims against you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:10,

Pretty much everyone with an ounce of common senise is betting heavy on O'Hare.

Go back and tell your classless, clown hero Jon Geeting.

There, now you two bozos can add yourself to the list of "victims" ...


Anonymous said...


i don't have spellcheck, but the song remains the same, Anon 12:10

and you know it


Anonymous said...

Ex parte? Wow! Quick question: How were you notified that you are being sued? Read it in the paper? Or did they have you served with proper notice? Seems like they are trying to try you in the papers, first. Although, it isn't working. No one, except for the Gracedale people, seem to be buying, what she is selling. And that is not a double entendre.

Anonymous said...

She just keeps on going. Read her latest at her blog. This is really over the top.

Anonymous said...

The night you spent with her must have sucked and she is pissed you won't come back! You have been a gentleman and never mentioned the encounter or lack there of.

Anonymous said...

I think the NIZ Cheerleaders and their Paymasters are the ones actually fueling this "story".

Not too hard to come up with some motivation and then connect the dots.

I would be shocked to discover I am the only one thinking along these lines.

There is a lot of money at stake in this NIZ thing, if you know the right people ...


Anonymous said...

There not on my payroll and, just so everyone knows, I was a spelling champion at my elementary school.


Anonymous said...

Stand tall Bernie, you can do this brother.

Anonymous said...

Since O'Hare deletes all the real information you lemmings keep jumping off the cliff. keep jumping you will be shocked when the real story comes out. Read fast lemmings here c9mes the censor man!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Cuckoo for Cocoapuffs Bernie doesn't moderate his blog.

Anonymous said...

Consider me a lemming in this case. Bernie let us know when this goes to court. This girl is cukoo for cocoapuffs. You should not have any trouble exposing her. She does a good enough job of exposing herself though. I seem to remember telling you to run from her as she is not shall we say "balanced." Now you have no choice but to take her to court. Woman have better intuition when it comes to woman like her. Next time I will smack you upside the head if you even say hello to someone like this in my presence. You may pissed off people but you pretty harmless. She on the other hand is dangerous....While I pride myself on being a pretty good judge of character it took me about 5 minutes to see through her. I'll bet 99% of others would agree if they knew her for 5 minutes. The others will use her and she will use them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Lemming, What can I say? When you're right, you're right.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa's lawyer goes without professional liability insurance and also has a recent history of filing frivolous claims.

Attorney Lawrence Otter received a $40,000 sanction from a federal trial judge in July 2008 for filing baseless litigation. Here's how the judge put it:

"Reviewing the history of this case, and Mr. Otter's close involvement in it, it is difficult to imagine a better example of frivolous, vexatious and unreasonable multiplicity of proceedings or the continued pursuit of a baseless claim...Mr. Otter failed to show he had conducted any investigation of his claim or attempted to gather any supporting evidence."

Otter failed to pay the $40,000 sanction and he was held in contempt of court seven months later. At the contempt hearing, Otter appeared with a lawyer who had had his law license suspended for two years. The judge did not allow him to represent Otter because of the license suspension. Otter's defense was that he could not pay because he was broke, telling the court he was behind in his electric and phone bills. The judge held Otter in contempt at the conclusion of the hearing.

Otter appealed to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. He pursued the argument that he didn't have the resources to pay the sanction, arguing that he was in "desperate straits" financially and that "$40,000 would just bankrupt him." In January 2010, the appeals court bought Otter's story. The case was sent back to the trial judge for further findings on Otter's financial status and whether he would be able to pay the $40,000 "in the foreseeable future."

I don't know what, if anything, eventually happened to Otter but here are the links to the courts' opinions:

U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals - http://www.ca3.uscourts.gov/opinarch/091973np.pdf

U.S. District Court - http://www.paed.uscourts.gov/documents/opinions/08d0897p.pdf

Anonymous said...

Send the private investigator to all the local hardware stores especially to Miller's. Maybe a women fitting her description recently purchased rat poison?

Monkey Momma said...

Bernie - As always, I wish you well. If you truly believe this woman is dangerous, however, why are you fanning the flames by blogging about it? Anyone in your pig-kickin' shoes would be frustrated, but surely you can outsmart this crazed stalker. Maybe remaining silent would work better in terms of getting her to do what you want, which is (presumably) to leave you alone. But...whatever you do...good luck!!

Anonymous said...


You may need to bring the Troll Parade Blog back into action again!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Monkey Momma,

If I refrain from writing about someone bc it might fan the flames or they might not like it, I'd be a pretty lousy blogger.

This woman was a candidate for public office, is now runnng for GOP Delegate and has political ambition. So for that reason alone, I'd write about her.

But there's another reason. It is very difficult to read lie after lie about you personally, without feeling a need to respond. After awhile, it becomes accepted as truth. It's easy to tell someone else to ignore it. I know. I've given similar advice. Not so easy when the hate is hurled at you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will catch a break and this mean-spirited, ultra-aggressive and never-ending Republican War on Women will do this Mezzacappa in before Anne Romney, who knows absolutely nothing about economics, has a cold-hearted chance ...


Anonymous said...

"Anne Romney, who knows absolutely nothing about economics"

well...she doesn't

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Dahmer... really?

Was it her who said she has pounds of bacon and will never starve? Was she referring to the tons in her freezer or Earl??

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. You could not file Anne Romney's nails. Anyone who raised 5 kids and raised them well has had to deal with enough to do how to make it all work. She was there beside her husband with many of the decisions he made. That's what a good marriage looks like. Her children have been taught to work and to value a job as well as their wives. She made the right choice in a husband and a father for her children. She made many more good choices and came through so many things most of us do not. They wanted all of those children and again just because you work outside of the home does not mean much. If it was the answer then why are they in such dire shape? A job and little else is nothing to brag about. The real work is the many other things of which Ann obviously knows of.The kids run free because you are too tired or to worried about yourself. The kids do suffer many times. Those who choose to have 1 child are usually it is just the token
child and it shows. This hatefulness and jealousy will keep us all from a better place. Leave the woman alone. She certainly does't feel meanness towards you. So who is the better person???

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:39,

Prove what you say is true.

I highly tend to doubt the validity of your statement.

So does everyone else with anything even remotely resembling a brain.

Why do you hate Women so much?

Anonymous said...

"She made many more good choices and came through so many things most of us do not."

Here here!!!
You are correct most of us aren't presented the problem of:

Should I take the Red Caddy or the
Silver Bimmer to the Country Club for lunch?

I waiting for the shoe to drop on the round the clock nannies they employed.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me.....They started out in a $75.00 a month basement apartment with 1 child. I'd say they lived the American dream. Mitt was smart enough and ambitious enough to end up rich. He picked the right wife as she picked the right man. If this bothers you then maybe you should evaluate yourself and then grow up. Hate and jealousy is seen through by the average reasonable person so you probably don't have any friends like this. If you never reach up then you will stay down. Your problem not Ann's or anyone else's. So go occupy something. I am sure it won't be a good education, good job or a good relationship. Good family and friends may also be a reach up for you. Start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

And his dad was a Gov. too. Not that that offered any breaks. Hell, Mittens could have ended up a crip or blood.