Monday, February 19, 2007

PBS 39 Has Some Nice Things to Say About Bethlehem

PBS 39 has some nice things to say about Bethlehem in a documentary narrated by Charles Osgood and premiering on Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 7:00pm and 8:30pm. From the press release, we can read this.

Nestled in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, you’ll find this charming historic town responsible for creating many American firsts. Bethlehem boasts the first Bach Choir, and the first pumped municipal water system. The oldest girls school in the American colonies and the first bookstore started here too. There’s a wealth of incredible things to know and experience in this extraordinary, ordinary town.

While things thrived during the industrial revolution in the 1900’s, the city took a downturn in the seventies. Diversification, industrial parks and high tech businesses helped turn things around. Musikfest, a ten-day music celebration generates business for the city too, and entertains about a million visitors each summer. As we look to the future, developers hope their plan to build a casino and reuse former steel land will spark an even larger economic engine.

Will the documentary address the problems presented by a casino? The gentrification of the city's south side? Real documentary or puff piece? Tempo host Amy Burkett seems to answer that question with this. "We're excited to celebrate this city’s rich heritage."


Chris Casey said...

Christ, if that bubblehead Amy Burkett is narrating it, It will probablyt be a "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!" puff piece celebrating the salvation of the Sands casino. I put the over/under of shots of happy senior citizens sitting complacently at slot machines at 5!

Anonymous said...

Burkett is not narrating this one.

My recent gripe with PBS 39 is that they are now heavily advertising WVIA (the NPR station out of Scranton) on the Lehigh Valley PBS station. I know PBS-39 is still angry that WDIY (the Lehigh Valley's own Community NPR station) refused to be swallowed up by them, but this is just childish.

I am happy my evil cable company started carrying WHYY (Philly's PBS station)so I have more options for Sesame Street.

LVDem said...

In adding WHYY RCN removed the NY fox station. That's one less simpson's airing. Simply criminal.

I'm looking forward the documentary. Chris, I know you have issues with Burkett, but give it it a chance first.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Chris Casey, at 7:35 AM,

Yes,senior citizens, swaddled in the security of their Depends in the Christmas City of Count Nicholas Von Zinzendorf, needn't even alight from their perches at the slot machine, not even when they hear above the bells and whistles excitedly shouting "Jackpot," form the direction of the john they can still hear the urgent, beckoning call of the Natural Law.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the bloodbath betweenWLVT-39 employee Shelley Brown and The Express-Times columnist Dave Boyer on one side of the drawn battle lines and station Executive Direcor Shel Siegel on the other, the station has slowly but steadily sank into the morass of Christmas City Commercialism.

That's why I have dubbed the station State Theatre Lite on the World Wide Web.

Anonymous said...

If a trucker on I-78 can break in on his CB to warn other vehicles, commercial and POV alike, of dangerous icy road conditions all the way from PA State Route 100 60 or 100 miles west into Lebanon County, the Billybytes should be accorded the right to post OT and warn the witless of the meeting scheduled for this eveing at 7:30 PM in the Independence Township, New Jersey, municipal government building on NJ Route 46 on a request by K-Land Corp of Middlesex County requesting approval of condos in a region "protected" by the Highlands Water Preservation Act.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Billy G. But for the grace of God...

Anonymous said...

Thank God Burkett's not narrating this one! That voice, that face...its become too nauseating to hear & behold.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not ON TOPIC or ON TOPIC.

The issue is BULLSHIT.

People are abandoning Easton the way they're deserting New Orleans.

Residents and merchange have given up on Easton because of Ivan, just like the disillusioned and disgusted resdients and merchants are leaving N.O. because of Katrina.

And what Easton and N.O. and Ivan and Katrina share is that both are victims of the George W. Bush Iraqi War and its corruption, and the ineffable corruption of the Federal Emergency Managment Agency under Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chernoff, formerly of the corrupt Third Ciruit Court of Appeals - also home to PA Gov. Ed "Fast Eddie" Rendell's wife Midge, Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito, former PAAG Mike Fisher, and former federal district judge Franklin S. VanAntwerpen.

These are two issues: the Iraqi War and its corruption in Iraq; and the corruption in the government of the United States.

These are the two reasons why the Democrats took contral of the government away from the Republicans last November, but still seem to be sitting on their asses and doing nothing to end the war and bring our troops home and end the corruption in our government here at home.

As for me, I still support Howard Dean and John Murtha.

Democrats, do your duty under the Constitution.

Control the purse strings, which only Congress and not the President can do - except once, when Richard Nixon tried it, and our Supreme Court, which was still honest then, told him he hadn't the power.

My wife, Kathy, and I met with Jeanne Doyle and other Democrats at the Ship's Inn in Milford, New Jersey, for a live telephone conference with Howard Dean when he was competing for the National Democratic Party Chairmanship.

And Dean got it, but only because of the backing of John Murtha.

As a combat veteran, I will not let the enemies of our Constitutional government do to Murtha what the Swift Boat veterans did to John Kerry.

Anonymous said...

Well, Billy, the great John Murtha
really hurt his credibility when he pronounced our troops guilty of the Haditha loss of life.

Still, he is a far better man than say, a given chickenhawk (war coward).

These Limbaugh-Rove clones, cheering for "killing people and breaking things" as long as someone else is doing it and possibly dying in the process, are
in a class reserved for the lowest of the low.

As a non-combat vet, Moshki thanks
Billy for his combat service!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Poor old Billy G. But for the grace of God...

1:49 PM
this ignoble assault speaks for itself.