Friday, February 02, 2007

The Buddha of Blogging! - Chris Casey

I thought I was prolific, but I've got nothing on Chris Casey. He's the Buddha of Blogging! You often read Chris' comments here and at other Lehigh Valley blogs like LVDem, GreenDog, LVCurmudgeon and LVCrackAddict. And of course, he's the originator at True Dems and is even working on a very good political novel.

Because Chris is the Buddha of Blogging, I know he already forgives me. But I've been remiss for failing to list his individual blog, The Casey Post, on my sidebar. Like me, he rambles from subjects like Parkland to the15th congressional district. But unlike me, he's very pleasant.

I'm a miserable bastard.


Chris Casey said...

I am not worthy to bow at Bernie's altar!

Bernie O'Hare said...

If you ever do, it will be the last bow you take. Remember, I'm a druid and my bottle of human blood is getting low.

Gort said...

Do Buddhist have blood rituals?

LVDem said...

that was a bit scary. Hey Chris, I've heard worse names to describe you... those folks in Lower Mac call you names I can't even spell.

Anonymous said...

That's because some of the Transplants down there couldn't spell cat if you spotted them the c and the a.

Anonymous said...

"Transplants." What an ugly label. I feel bad for the high school age kids comin here from east of the River...they find the term particularly demeaning.

I'll say it...I wish those kids & their transplanting parents weren't comin here by the droves like they are. But that's compliments of us & ours...the good ole local boys born & bred & supervising here throughout the Valley.

And we're the ones ya gotta spot the vowels & consonants to.

Looks like a tropicalish place you're at in your photo, Chris. You from the Class of '79?

Anonymous said...

St. Charles Borromeo class of 79, and yes, thatnis Brewers beach on St Thomas- Chris Casey

Anonymous said...

Re: Transplants

Ok, I'm confused (that's easy to do!) It strikes me that the tone on this blog emits a general warmth towards immigrants (illegal or otherwise), the downtrodden, the politically savvy, the articulate, the witty, the sharp-tongued, the miserable - and those with large noses that are further exageraged with a fisheye lens. "check"

It strikes me that on this blog we are tolerant of all as long as they're law abiding citizens (or not) and just trying to get along, trying to feed their families, wave to their neighbors, pay their taxes, salute the flag, and don't infringe on anybody - or beat their kids. "check"

So I find the coolness towards those "Easterners" curious. They didn't hurt nobody, they wave to their neighbors, they're as law-abiding (or not) as others already entrenched here, etc. etc. These folks surely have all of the same attributes mentioned above..don't they? What EXACTLY is it about them that "we" don't like?

There's more than meets the eye here!

Who'll go first?

Bernie O'Hare said...

those with large noses that are further exageraged with a fisheye lens.
Hey! I prefer to think of it as a prominent proboscis.

But your point is well made. In this end of the LV, we look down our noses at those Jersey commuters. And the funny thing is they think we're trailer park trash even though we still have most of our teeth.

Chris Casey said...

Hey, I'm a transplant from O-H-I-A!
As the great Rodney King said after his beat down, "Why can't we all just get along?"
I don't look down my nose at people. Stupid people don't need to be told or pointed out, they become self evident, as I have on occasion!