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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Government in the Land of Midnight Payraises Becoming More Accountable

Above Average Jane tells us daily votes for both the state house and senate are now available online. Thanks, Jane! I just looked at the daily session report, and better get ready for Lithuanian Independence Day this Friday! Celebrations better be in English, damn it.


FtHillDem said...

You're right. The celebrations better be in English, because even though both my parents are of Lithuanian descent, I never learned to speak or read Lithuanian.

I will try to wear red, yellow and green on Friday.

Bernie O'Hare said...

FtnHill Dem, Sveikinu! I will try to learn the secret Lithuanian handshake by Friday.

Anonymous said...


What you perceive as "reform" is merely the new leadership in the House and Senate sticking their fingers and toes into the dike.

Just when I think people can't POSSIBLY hate the state legislature more than they do, some elected official always proves me wrong!

1st the midnight pay raise... then the "bonuses" paid to staffers... then the indictment... then the pensions of retiring members... then the AG looking into the "bonuses"...

It's a dirty, downward spiral that started at the top. And they still do not realize that IT HAS TO STOP!

Keep the pressure on, because that is the ONLY way that "good" legislators (like Lisa Boscola--who is 1 of only 10 out of 253 lawmakers who DID NOT take the higher pension) will ever succeed in changing the status quo in Harrisburg.

Semper Gonzo!
Bernie Takes No Prisoners

FtHillDem said...

Bernie, Aciu, and good health to you also.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bernie Takes No Prisoners, That pension issue is going to bankrupt us. I suspect "reform" will come in dribs and drabs while legislators wait for us to lose interest. But when taxing authorities thumb their noses at the public, it's hard to lose interest. I was unaware that only 10 legislators refused that pension. Kudos to Lisa and to you.

Now please help her brother, who is trying to knock off one of the insiders who stuck a knife in Ann McHale's back. Will has not run for office in at least four years and has really matured. He could use your help.

Anonymous said...

Ft. Hill Dem:

Maybe there is something about our ancestry (I'm Polish/Slavish) that makes me so proud to work for Sen. Lisa Boscola (once voted Miss Slovak!). We believe in straight talk, hard work, and earning whatever you want in life--because no one is EVER going to hand it to you.

We came from the "wrong side of the tracks," from struggling, working-class families, and we were appalled at the "people at the top" who got there so effortlessly because their Daddy knew someone else's Daddy who knew someone else who knew...

I am proud of where I came from, because that has made me who I am today!

Bernie Takes No Prisoners

Anonymous said...

Bernie, My Blogging Hero!

I did not know that Will was running against the back-stabbing McLure! What a shock!! Wow!!!

Maybe Lamont should ask Ann McHale for her help in his re-election! I mean, "good" Democrats support fellow Democrats, don't they?????

Honestly, I would be torn... for about a nanosecond... between helping someone who stabbed Ann McHale (my good, good personal friend) in the back... and someone else...

Paybacks, Lamont, are ALWAYS a bitch! You should've thought of that when you did it. Too bad, so sad.

Bernie Takes No Prisoners

Anonymous said...

He never did anything for us. And he acted like he knew it all. I'm not voting for him and I never did

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon, spread the word because McClure is going to try to win this election on the backs of developers and John Morganelli.

Anonymous said...

Will needs a boatload of help getting his petition signatures - and he could probably use an infusion of cash.