Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nazareth Beware: The Eye of Mordor is Watching!

January 3: Second worst Lehigh Valley local government in 2006? Nazareth Borough council.

January 20: Nazareth school board is tagged for a Sunshine Act violation after an executive session.

January 22:Four different versions of that Nazareth school board exec session, are ridiculed

February 3: Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority Chair Tom Itterly is excoriated because he lives in Allentown instead of Nazareth, as required by the Municipal Authority Act. Solicitor Al Pierce, who also represents Nazareth borough council, presents this brilliant defense. ''Citizen means citizen. Resident doesn't mean citizen. The answer always goes to the dictionary. Look at my hands! How many fingers do you see? Pick a card. Any card."

February 26: Mark Franczak, erstwhile Nazareth District judge candidate, is taunted when it's learned he actually rented a room at the local Y to be considered a resident.

Beginning to see a pattern here? That's right, bippy. The Eye of Mordor , which is what Bill White calls himself these days, has fixed its fiery glare on little Nazareth. Frightening, huh? Officials are headed to the Macungies in droves. I suggested that nickname to Joe Owens, but he claims it's not scary enough. Right now, he's leaning towards Jedi Joe.


Anonymous said...

Strange graphic, Bernie. Looks more like a nasty red snatch with a lot of mileage on it than The Eye of Mordor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I know you're just trying to be funny, but wish you could recognize statements like that are offensive to some readers. I don't delete comments unless they advocate physical harm, but I wish you had a little more respect for other readers.

Anonymous said...

if owens really wanted to be scary, he'd wear that pink button down short sleeve oxford more often