Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nazareth's Bill Coker: He's Got More Opinions Than Me!

His highlight, he tells me, is the week he was published in The Express Times, Morning Call, Sports Illustrated and USA Today. That's Nazareth's Bill Coker. Sometimes we talk at the Nazareth News Agency. We solve all of the world's problems in about five minutes. We don't have an answer yet for Nazareth or Northampton County.

It's a rarity, but Bill's actually more opinionated than me. Yesterday, his opinion about the new dollar coin was published in USA Today. Not bad, Bill. Here's Bill's letter.

It should have been obvious to the U.S. government from previous attempts at dollar coins that they never will be successful as long as there is a paper dollar option ("New dollar coins about to put a jingle in your pocket," Money, Feb. 7; "Try, try again," Editorial, Thursday).

All, or nearly all, countries with dollar coins have no paper options.

Until the paper option of a dollar is gone, the only value of a U.S. dollar coin will be as a collector's item or a good luck charm. Of course, it could be argued that this has been the government's intention all along, as it is bringing out a series similar to the commemorative quarters.

Perhaps this is the government's way of getting the population to "save."

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