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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Morganelli Wants More Debates in AG Race

Pennsylvania's League of Women Voters is attempting to schedule a debate among the three Democratic candidates for Attorney General, but it seems that the only one who can make it is NorCo DA John Morganelli. The veteran prosecutor put his courtroom experience to good work in two previous encounters, and he's beginning to wonder whether self-described politician Josh Shapiro and Allegheny County DA Steve Zapalla are running scared. Shapiro just can't seem to squeeze it in his busy schedule, while Zapalla never bothered to respond.

"I will debate any place, anywhere, and any time," claims Morganelli.

In previous debates, Morganelli zeroed in pretty effectively on Shapiro's complete lack of experience and willingness to accept a large contribution from a charter school PAC while simultaneously claiming to endorse public education.
Quite frankly, I believe that Josh Shapiro is ducking any further debates, and will try to stall and run out the clock to primary election day. Josh Shapiro has been exposed in every forum we have had, and there is more to come and he knows that. Josh, let me say this-- there is NOTHING that you are doing that is more important than to face your opponents in a real debate. You have ducked the questions about your lack of experience and your hypocrisy when it comes to your lectures on integrity. Why are you afraid to engage in a real debate? Not a forum where you can give lofty speeches with no substance, but a real debate where you and I can have a real exchange
.Morganelli has appealed to Pa news agencies to host three debates "so the people of Pennsylvania can decide for themselves who is the most experienced person to be Pennsylvania's chief law enforcement officers."

Short-staffed newspapers will decline. But after the election is over, they will piously condemn the apathy among every day voters.

Full Disclosure: I have made a small contribution to John Morganelli's campaign. If I could make a big one, I would.


Anonymous said...

Wounded, you're Peter principle is showing, especially after that cry baby editorial

Anonymous said...

That free advertisement the ET ran authored by Morganelli was bullcrap, Bernie. I'm a bit embarrassed for you supporting Mr. Morganelli. How do you feel about the shit on a stick he wields?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Why on earth would I want to answer an anonymous coward?

Anonymous said...

Morganelli should withdraw. He couldn't win in 2008 when in a presidential year every Democrat won but him. He forgot to mention in his editorial how Scavello got the PSEA endorsement and like Corbett screwed the teachers voting against their pension position

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

While I have had, MANY differences of opinions with Mr. Morganelli over the years (including a letter to the Express-Times editor over his mis-characterization of the constabulary in 2012). I also know that Morganelli will be quick to put an end to some questionable things being done by some of my colleagues. (Who are getting political protection allowing some questionable behavior to continue).

I am in no way endorsing or even voting for Mr. Morganelli. But, I feel he (as well as the other candidates) deserve more time to discuss matters. I'm not a fan of this Debbie Wasserman-Schultz type of manipulation over debates to favor who the insiders want to win. It goes against democracy and the interests of the people.

Also, I've never been a big fan of Scavello--but I fail to understand what the previous commentator was talking about. Did Mario enter the race for AG? It seems a fellow Democrat had a case of Mario turrets. Valid criticisms for him should be on posts connected to the state senate.