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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Opinions Online Back in Business

We went over the limit on Opinions Online, and I was forced to suspend it for a week. It is now back up and will publish again on Saturday. It is your chance to weigh in on any topic, but I will not publish anything that is arguably defamatory. I love comments about subjects or places I do not routinely cover. You can make your comment in the tab on my left sidebar. Overall, it appears some readers really like this Saturday feature, and I have learned a few things.


Anonymous said...

Can someonelse do a discrptive yet indiscrptive interpretation of my triboro area, and the three mayor sock puppets with the great and powerful hand of OZ'z elbow deep proping these parasiptic circus sticks up¿ There are many yet none that are participating in this particular circus subsects gang o thugs, because this is butt many a peoples figment of there imagination¿ My young ladd and I were in the same nightmare of one of these collective tools claiming seperation from this very same traveling circus that makes up a whole¿
Noon exerciZing of a mans main mussell¿
redd for independant Republican
patent pending

Anonymous said...

More in-depth reporting on the unity-Pac. What the hell is going on. Jim Gregory is resurrecting it, is it legal? What are his plans?

Santo Pal said...

How many posts does Tom18017 and Redrover73 get?

Anonymous said...

My favorite segment of your blog.

Bernie O'Hare said...

BecauseI don't write it.:-)

Anonymous said...

Trump supporters, April 26 primary is coming, send a message to dent and all the other republican establishment types, that you are watching them and only vote for Trump, let them count the numbers and see who they want to align with.