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Friday, March 11, 2016

183d Update: Mako to Stay on Ballot

Cindy Miller may have succeeded in removing Marc Grammes in the hotly contested race for the Republican nomination to Julie Hathart's seat. But her challenge to Zachary Mako has failed. I just received this news release from his campaign:


Zach Mako’s campaign announced that he has won the challenge to his candidate petitions and will remain on the ballot for the April 26th primary. 


“As you may know, there was a challenge to my candidacy launched by my opponent, Cindy Miller.   I want to let you know that I survived the challenge and will be on the ballot in April.  I think it is unfortunate that Mrs. Miller tried to take the decision away from the people and put it with the courts.  Our shared Republican values support a contest of ideas and characters, not of lawyers. I want to go on record that I feel Marc Grammes should not have been removed from the ballot.  I believe she is doing a disservice to the voters by taking away their choice over a clerical matter.  Republican primary voters deserve the right to choose, not to have their choices dictated by Cindy Miller and her attorneys.


“I welcome a robust debate of the issues throughout this election cycle."

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