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Thursday, March 17, 2016

NorCo Selects New Elections Comm'n

Joan Rosenthal
Under Northampton County's Home Rule Charter, the Elections Commission is a five-member board that is supposed to oversee elections. Its membership is selected by the two parties receiving the most votes in the most recent election. They serve for two years. No more than three members may belong to the same party. Historically, whichever party is in power gets the three-person majority, although I believe more Democrats than Republicans voted in the November 2015 election. .

John Brown has submitted five names for appointment (or re-appointment).

He selected three Republicans - Judith Ladonis (Hanover), Mary K Diggs (Bethlehem) and Joshua Weinstein (Forks) - and two Democrats - Marques Grundy (Easton) and George Treisner (Bethlehem).

Joan Rosenthal, a feisty Republican who chaired the Elections Commission, has apparently decided to call it quits. Ken Kraft noted her years of service, and hopefully, Council will let her know she was appreciated.

Council is expected to confirm these appointments tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I been looking at this pic for days and this honorable integrity laden lady has the same look on her face that the ironlady of allentowns counsil had upon her face when she gave her talk to pass on reserving her seat¿!)$
Pure and simple, the look of descussed with there constichuants¿!)$
redd for registered independant Republican
patent pending