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Monday, March 28, 2016

Bethlehem Tp Engineer To Survey Brodhead Rd Repairs

It's easy to tell where Hanover Tp ends and Bethlehem Tp begins on Broadhead Road. The Hanover Tp portions is nicely surfaced, but once you hit Bethlehem Tp where Brodhead Road intersects with Township Line Road, it becomes a lunar landscape for approximately 9,000 feet until it intersects with Route 191. At their March 21 meeting, Commissioners authorized Engineer Brian Dillman to complete a $30,000 survey on what he estimates to be a $3.1 million project, without any grants. He told the Board the road is in "deplorable condition."

This paving project will include curbing and 72 ADA ramps. He eliminated ornamental street lights and signalized pedestrian crossings,sidewalks and landscaping. Depending on weather and traffic, Dillman estimates the survey will be complete within two to three weeks.

Nolan noted there's money for the survey in the budget. It's unclear whether there is any money for actual construction.


Anonymous said...

Of Course the road will be in "deplorable condition". Did you ever take a couple of minutes to observe truck traffic on that road. Come off of Broadhead road onto 191, turn right and come to the traffic light at #22 and #191 and look at the deplorable condition of the road there. Your automobile shakes and contorts like running your hands over a washboard. When is Pennsylvania going to make these trucking companies pay for the damage these trucks do.

Anonymous said...


This is a link to a PennDot document discussing what municipalities can do about truck traffic destroying township-maintained roads. On page 4 it states the following:

"Many of the older secondary and rural roadways in the Commonwealth were not designed to support the traffic currently being experienced and permitted by law. To limit the financial burden on municipalities and taxpayers for the additional maintenance now needed, many of these roadways have been posted at a reduced weight limit. Under Commonwealth law, the hauler exceeding the posted weight limit—not the general taxpayer—is financially responsible for excess maintenance on the roadways they use."

What I would like to know is why does this not apply to a road like Broadhead? There are other township roads in Bethlehem Township that have heavy truck traffic. If something isn't done, these roads will also be fixed on the township taxpayer's dime, while the haulers continue to take advantage.

Anonymous said...

It's called "liquid fuels tax", and is given to municipalities to maintain roads.

Anonymous said...

??? Did Bethlehem Township spend all the tax $ raised from this development on other things like a new park , gov't center, police station and so forth or was it put into a fund knowing one day they would need to rebuild this stretch of road on the taxpayer dime. Remember folks, all the politicians state that development in your community is great for the tax base.So now I ask, where is all that money that was collected over the past 30 years from this development gone to and spent on ?

Anonymous said...

72 ADA ramps? For christ sake it's a big box commercial district and rarely anyone walking on the existing sidewalks so why the ramps and 72? Are you sure, 72? I live in the township and my roads are not wide enough for 2 cars to pass each other if there is one car parked on the road, no street lights and no sidewalks so what gives? Spot zoning enforcement? Even the new homes Zawarski is building off of Canterbury don't have sidewalks, why is that?

Anonymous said...

That is probably the worst conditioned frequently traveled road in the Valley.

A $30,000 "survey"? What the heck is that about? If it's a land survey, don't they have one from last time it was repaved (if ever) or from when it was built? I'm pretty sure the land didn't move, grow, or shrink. If by "survey" he means $30,000 for doing an estimate of the time and materials to do the project, the Township is getting ripped off.

I agree with 5:52pm re: ADA ramps. I can't remember the last time I saw someone even walking on those sidewalks, let alone rolling in a wheelchair. Waste of our money but federal requirement from what I understand, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Gas taxes were raised for roads like these not for state police salaries. Stupid state legislature.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem Township portion of Brodhead actually starts one block west at Commerce not Township Line Road

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

How can there not be money for the construction? BTWP, that's why we pay taxes and why you need to occasionally RAISE taxes. You were so busy not raising taxes because a handful of seniors "on fixed incomes" cannot afford a tax increase. Do your job and take care of the Township - this isn't the only road that needs to be fixed. Get your head out of your asses.