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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easton City Council's New Meeting Room Should Have Recorder

Sal Panto tries to decide whether he's roverfan73 or tom18017 while checking his computer.   
I arrived fashionably late for Easton's City Council meeting on Wednesday night at their new, splendidly appointed headquarters. Though there was no bidet in the men's room, the meeting room itself is a wonder of technology. Lighting and acoustics are very good, and computers are set up behind the dais so that Mayor Sal Panto and other members of Council can check out the Internet while pretending to listen to the people. There's a huge screen for power points, too, in case they want to bore someone to death. Funny how a City meeting room with all these technological advances would lack basic recording equipment. Forget video. They don't even have a $5 recorder.

If Easton City Council is really interested in transparency, this needs to change. If tiny West Easton can videotape its meetings, its big brother can at least record them.

Sal Panto pretends to be an advocate of transparency, but set up fake names to bully people on the Internet and needs to be more accountable to his bosses - the people.


John said...

It is a surprising oversight. Two cable companies in the area are probably ready to take live feeds from the space. My own webcam streams live views of the Colonial Industrial Area of Bethlehem and I paid well under $100 for it. That said, Easton deserves more than my cheapo solution. Perhaps Advance Media, owners of the Express Times, could gin up the game a bit and underwrite a real studio?

Doh Panto said...

This is simply a budgetary issue. Money has yet to be approved to buy microphones for roverfan73 and tom18017. Council will do so shortly. They were caught off guard by the new, triumvirate mayor thing. I've heard the Vulcanos are preparing, after their naps, to announce their support for all three mayors.