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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ramzi Haddad Sentencing Delayed Until April 2016

One of the chief witnesses against Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski, Ramzi Haddad, has had his sentencing postponed until April 14, 2016, according to records on file at the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. On September 10, Haddad pleaded guilty to paying bribes to Pawlowski, known in federal papers as Public Official #3, in exchange for favorable treatment in Allentown. The criminal information reveals that Fed Ed went to extraordinary lengths to hide his criminal conduct, including at least one sweep of his office for electronic bugs and the purchase of burner phones.

There is also a sealed order entered in the Haddad case, dated November 19, which likely reveals the amount of cooperation expected from him.

Dale Wiles, a former Assistant City Solicitor who pleaded guilty to bid-rigging for Pawlowski, is scheduled for sentencing on March 2, 2016. He's out on $50,000 unsecured bail, and received a notice yesterday concerning his passport.


Anonymous said...

Dear Santa:

All I want for Christmas is for mayor Pawlowski and any current or former council members and, current or former state representatives/senators to resign and go to jail for their roles in the political corruption that is the City of Allentown Pa...

Anonymous said...

Dear 2:36 PM,

I'm not going to be able to fulfill your request because Fed Ed promised me luxury box hockey tickets and I don't want to lose them. I'm also moving my workshop to the NIZ, as it makes good business sense. Sorry.

Merry Christmas anyway,


Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,
Your new toy sale circus bag o trix aqwisition is not a cigarette as well as former K2 kiddy poision and candy distribution center made epicentral via phone line in¿!($
patent pending

Anonymous said...

lol @ 4:26pm

Anonymous said...


Make sure you just bypass 10 E. Church St. Very naughty happenings there.

Anonymous said...

Bernie you need to look into the very tight and family connection between Haddad and Abe Atiyeh. if you dare.