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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Basketball Tournaments

It's an exciting time of year for high school basketball fans. In the week between Christmas and the New Year, there are always several tournaments at various different LV high schools. The shocker to me last night was to see Easton bow to Notre Dame-Green Pond, 63-57. It makes me wonder about a reader's suggestion that the two schools compete in football.

Parkland upended LaSalle, 63-53, in a showdown between two of the state's top 4A teams. After seeing what the Trojans did to Central Catholic last week, that's no surprise.

Liberty is 0-2 in the Parkland tournament and has now lost three in a row. That leaves Freedom perched atop the EPC Steel Division at 5-1. But right behind Freedom is Allen High School, with a 4-1 conference record and an overall record of 6-2.

Allen demolished Wilkes-Barre GAR 77-51 in the Canaries' holiday tournament last night. Talek Williams, who dies his hair yellow and blue in honor of his school's colors, makes you forget about all the problems faced by Allen and its financially strapped school district. Not only did he score 31 points, but two other players were in double digits, too.

But how will Allen fare against Central Catholic?

Both teams can be very explosive. Zay Jennings can get very hot very fast. Shack Dezonie is always in de zonie. Central is much younger, but this Summer, at the A-town Throwdown, Central managed to beat Allen.

Williams cramped up in the unbearable heat. Central's players didn't.

It's a lot colder now.

Allen hosts Central tonight, 7 pm.


Anonymous said...

Central Catholic plays no defense. None, zip, Nada. Watched Whitehall annihilate them on TV a few weeks ago

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have a new post...I was tired of looking at Schlossberg's stupid face every time I checked the blog. Enjoy the basketball games!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, I enjoy watching these teams play. Nazareth, Emmaus, Parkland, William Allen and Pocono Mtn West are likely to be the dominant schools this season. But I love watching Whitehall play, along with Central, Beca, Bangor, Liberty and Freedom. I have to check out Notre Dame and Easton, too. I like watching them all play, I guess, but don't profess to be an expert.

Anonymous said...

Easton had an opportunity to hire a proven, experienced coach but chose instead to hire the ADs friend who had no head coaching experience. Makes perfect sense to me.

Now their rival (Pburg) has snatched up the good coach and has the program on the rise. The Rovers meanwhile are on a slippery slope down. You telling me in a school of 1000 males they can't find five who can hoop. Please.