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Thursday, December 17, 2015

An Open Letter to Marcel Groen,

Dear Marcel Groen,

I am writing to you as a good Democrat who is disturbed at how many good Democrats are leaving the party because of Democrats like you. Your name has been added to the growing list of Democrats caught up in what increasingly appears to be bribery and outright shakedowns.

This list started with former Gubernatorial candidate Rob McCord, who pleaded guilty to extortion earlier this year for the way he threatened possible campaign donors.He is awaiting sentencing as the feds have used former Democratic campaign consultant Mike Fleck to snare City officials in Reading and Allentown in a gigantic pay-to-play scheme involving Democratic Mayors, a Democratic City Council President in Reading and a Democratic committeeman who was rigging bids while employed as an Assistant City Solicitor.

We have a Democratic Attorney General who has been caught up in perjury and who refuses to resign, even after her law license has been suspended.

And we have you.

You're no Democrat. You're a crony capitalist who pimped for a $28 million waste-to-energy plant at Kline's Island with no emission monitors for air quality in the heavily polluted Lehigh Valley.

And now, the feds are looking at you.

Do you honestly think that Republicans are going to let this slide in the state and presidential elections next year? If you really are a Democrat who wants your party to win at least some races, you need to step aside for Democrats who act more like Democrats.

Do the right thing.



Anonymous said...

For what its worth asshole, the DEMS are doing just fine. For the first time in history, we wiped a REPUB out of the Governors office after one term in office, and put 3 DEMS on the Supreme Court, and One on the Superior Court. It was a huge sweep for us.

As far as the rest, due process will take place, and if the wrong doers are wrong, they will face the music. I could submit a list of toxic criminal REPUBS, but that would upset your "Angle" driven apple cart.

Bernie O'Hare said...

If you think the Dems are doing fine, you're nuts. Political corruption is going to be a statewide campaign issue, and every second Grown is in that office, he is a poster boy for what is wrong with the party.

Anonymous said...

Dems never resign. The media never call them on it. And Dem voters (I realize I already mentioned the media) don't care.

Anonymous said...

The lack of concern for all the Democrat corruption is a clear sign of the party's confidence. PA is a deepening blue state and Al Capone could guide the party to continued statewide victories. I get your philosophical outrage. Nothing is going to change as long as the wins keep coming, however.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Sociopaths never admit guilt, as they are unable to feel guilt and believe there are a separate set of rules for them versus the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Now the mayor of Bethlehem!
I don't recognize my party.

Anonymous said...

The letter is unsigned so, according to Bernie's Law, the author is definitely a coward making an anonymous attack.

Can't have it both ways, BO, no matter how much you would like to.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote the letter, O'hare or Morganelli.? If its the latter, don't blame Marcel b/c he won't back you. He's in it for the win.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I wrote the letter. I certainly made that clear in the version sent to Groen. I am glad to see it bothers crony capitalists who don't give a shit about the working poor. Good!

Anonymous said...

You should thank Marcel. The Dems swept in 2015. PA will go blue as usual in 2016 for the President. There are very few people who are angry enough at Kane, McCord and the Allentown bunch to leave the party behind. What "good " DEMS left the party because of Marcel? Can you name any?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I can list plenty. Craig DALLY, who is now a judge; the current majority leader; Behtlehem Tp Comm'r Tom Nolan; Judge Leonard Zito; Ron Angle; and one of my title searching friends immediately come to mind. I could list many more.

You folks are re-arranging the deck chairs while the ship is sinking, mostly bc you are partisan hacks incapable of seeing beyond your nose when it comes to party politics.

Wake up!

Wolf won only bc Corbett was such an ineffective Governor, and now Wolf is making Corbett look good. Before Kathleen Kane, there had never been a Dem elected to AG. Thanks to her, there won't be next year.

Republicans control the state house and senate and nothing gets done without them. I don't really know what planet you are on to think things are just wonderful.

Next year, the case against Chakah Fatah, Kane, Pawlowski, McCord, Vaughn and their minions are going to make Democratslook very bad. So what does Wold do? Name one of the biggest pay-to-players as party boss. name someone who has caught the attention of the feds.

And partisan hacks like you justify it.

That's how nutty my party has became.

Anonymous said...

Ron Angle became a Repub because of Marcel Groen? Len, Craig, etc....all converts long before Marcel.

Anonymous said...

Groen was elected to chair the State Commitee, not appointed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Like I said, you can't see beyond your own nose. That is not what I said but you want to argue like a sophist instead of realizing you have a problem. You'll discover that next year.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Groen was elected to chair the State Commitee, not appointed."

Oh please. I realize you are too much of a coward to ID yourself, but that's no excuse for this kind of misinformation. We all know that the party bosses elect whomever the governor wants in there. Stop being dishonest. That's how you guys end up in the federal spotlight.

Anonymous said...

It isn't D or R. It is the heroin that is government. Sure, there are a few beneficial uses of opioids but, in the end, those who partake get high, then they get hooked and, then, the damage far outweighs the good.

Find your answers, your solutions, within yourselves. Do your best, and be content that you have done your best when you have. Do not covet that which you have not earned. It's a sin, and also pretty fucking unbecoming.

Look not to Robin Hood, but to yourselves. When you trust in those who would govern you bring it all, from the Preates to the Pawlowskis, from the Nixons to Clintons, from the Booooshes to teh Won who "will stand with the Muslims", upon yourselves.


Anonymous said...


the result of inbreeding

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

The most lucrative jobs today are in the public sector, low hours, big pensions, great benefits, job security. The politicians in charge will keep sailing this ship to the bottom. If you are in the private sector , the best employee you can have is running the government that you have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

"You're no Democrat. You're a crony capitalist..."

I have to chuckle at that. I'm sorry that you're now seeing this up close and personal, but this is where the Democrat party has been for a long time. We've just found a way to justify it.

It's always been in another state, or just in the big cities, and it was always just the INDIVIDUAL that did it. It couldn't have been an institutional problem. And we don't want to risk our party losing power by voting them out, because EVERYONE does it.

So we keep OUR legislators in office after they give themselves an illegal midnight pay raise. Or we keep OUR councilmen in office while the FBI probes corruption that those in office should have known about (and likely did). And by doing so, we sent a message that was heard loud and clear.

Think a letter to Groen is going to change that? Not a chance. As one comment pointed out, we're WINNING!

And next year, we'll find reason to justify electing the biggest crony capitalist in history to the highest office in the land. And then we'll wonder why nothing really seems to get better, and why we're still not happy with government.

Anonymous said...

There are criminal bribed DEMS. There are criminal bribed REPUBS. The whole system is in the toilet. Just look at the giveaway the GOP gave to Obama, with the 1 trillion spending proposal yesterday. Repubs control congress and senate, yet their result may as well have been a 100% Dem spending bill. This is unbeievable and a kick in the ass to real Rs....you think the Rs are not being blackmailed? For what ever, and God knows what....it was a complete DEM give away, and crickets?

I think the criminal bribed Rs outnumber the Criminal bribed Ds. FBI should rush out of Allentown, hit Washington, and not stop until they are all rounded up and jailed. All of them. Every last one of them. Rs and Ds.