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Friday, December 18, 2015

More Municipal Christmas Trees

I have two more municipal Christmas trees to add to my growing list  of Christmas trees from 16 Lehigh Valley municipalities. I didn't even have to file a Right-to-Know request. On Christmas, I'll treat you to a slide show.  Please feel free to send me pictures of any tree or other major Christmas symbol from your town.

This is Lower Saucon's tree, located inside the municipal building.

West Easton's tree is one of the prettiest indoor trees.

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Anonymous said...

You should follow up this work with photographs of these majestic creatures in 3 weeks time as they are languishing in landfills and sidewalks all over the Valley. Consumer culture run amok, it's time for a revolution from the protectors of this planet especially after the feckless suits in Paris failed to secure a provision for eliminating future fossil fuel extraction expansion.

Blue Badger