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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lower Nazareth and Hanover Tp Are in a No-Tax Hike Tie

Hanover Township is expected to adopt its 8th consecutive no-tax hike budget next week. Hard as this might be to believe, it is in a tie with Lower Nazareth, which last night approved its 8th no-tax hike budget in a row.

Both townships have no long-term debt. Both also use a regional police department. Both have fiscally conservative Township Managers.


Anonymous said...

Yet donchez raised fees, raised taxes for the second year in a row and kept the "Hirko tax" on the books. Flunking leadership and management 101.

Anonymous said...

Hanover has a fiscally conservative ethical manager. Bethlum Township should take Lower Nazareth's and Hanover lead. Lower's should pick up the ethical part from Hanover.

Anonymous said...

Hanover proves the good old boy system can work. Finnegan was a supervisor and then conveniently became manager. Those boys are good at covering for each other.

Anonymous said...

Easton just passed a no tax increase budget. Donchez try talking to mayors and managers who know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Easton isn't permitted by law to increase it's millage. It has the highest real estate taxes in the Lehigh Valley. Fees have been raised steadily each year. Panto bragging about no tax increases is not telling the whole, sad story of the tax and fee structure in Easton.