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Monday, December 28, 2015

Michael Molovisnky to Seek State House Seat Again

From Facebook, Allentown blogger Michael Molovinsky has announced his candidacy for the 183rd state house seat currently occupied by Julie Harhart. Here's his announcement: "I announce my candidacy for the 183rd state house seat, under the Republican banner. As an outsider to R&D party politics, I'll need your help gathering petition signatures to get on the ballot. I can be reached between 7am and 7pm, 7 days a week, at 610 395-1815. Lets change Harrisburg together."

He ran for Harhart's seat two years ago as an independent, and managed to snag 9% of the vote, not bad for an independent. This time around, he's running as a Republican.

It's unclear whether Harhart will seek re-election. She's been there since 1994. There supposedly is a report to that effect somewhere, but I haven't seen it.

Marc Grammes, a former Lehigh County Comm'r who lost the primary to Harhart two years ago, announced that he was running for the GOP nomination back around Thanksgiving. He's already picked up the endorsement of Controller Glenn Eckhart.

There may even be a third candidate seeking the R nomination, which leads me to believe Harhart is stepping off the stage and has anointed her successor..

It's unknown whether Terri Powell, the Democrat who ran two years ago, plans to run again. I would have to say that the Democrat, whomever he or she may be be, will be the favorite in this race. That's because it coincides with a presidential race. As bad as Democrats are at voting in local races, they will come out in a presidential race.

Updated 10:20 am. - Lehigh Tp Supervisor Cindy Miller, who also works for State Senator Mario Scavello, appears to be Harhart's anointed one. Of the three Republicans running, she is definitely the strongest. Now I know why John Brown attempted to name her to the Gaming Board earlier this year. He was trying to raise her visibility. It was pure politics, not good government. But I don't fault her for his foolishness. .


Anonymous said...

What a sad and pathetic man the Blog Mentor has become. He even picks on priests.

Dave said...

Mr. Molovinsky has chosen to run against a 20-year incumbent. Perhaps he's aware that Ms Harhart may retire rather than face a primary challenger.

The 183d District has a large Democratic base in Allentown, offset by Republican areas to the north. Given it's been in GOP hands mostly since it was moved from Philadelphia to this area, if Mr. Molovinsky is successful in his primary bid, he stands a good chance to win in the general election if he can attract the support from the GOP that Ms Marhart enjoys.

We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

The 183rd does not take in any part of the city of Allentown. From the state website:

Part of LEHIGH County consisting of the TOWNSHIPS of
South Whitehall (PART, Districts 05, 06 and 08),
Washington and Whitehall (PART, Districts 07, 10 and
11) and the BOROUGH of Slatington and Part of
NORTHAMPTON County consisting of the TOWNSHIPS of
Allen, Lehigh and Moore (PART, Districts Beersville
and Klecknersville) and the BOROUGHS of North
Catasauqua, Northampton and Walnutport.
Total population: 60,767

Anonymous said...

"the Democrat, whomever he or she may be be, will be the favorite in this race."

Nonsense. Mitt Romney won this district in 2012. The Republican candidate will be a slight favorite.

"There may even be a third candidate seeking the R nomination"

There is: www.electcindymiller.com

alfonso todd said...

Why is Blog Mentor even commenting? As if he has EVER added anything of value to the Lehigh Valley besides vindictiveness? While many of us have articles and quotes in the media and are respected individuals in the community, he sits by the door and wishes someone would pay attention to his irritating diatribe which add up to little more than nothing...

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Julie will whip his ass in the primary if she decides to run. She has smuckered up to every voter in that district and is untouchable.

Chris Casey said...

Bernie - deep in the last column of the MCall Sunday article, there is a snippet that Julie is retiring and not running for reelection in 2016. In Mcall, Page 13, far right column, 2nd paragraph. She talks about being tight with office expenses, even though she spent almost $60k.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"There is: www.electcindymiller.com"

Cindy is a Lehigh Tp Supervisor and works for Senator Mario Scavello. I was unaware she was running, although now I know why Brown was so keen in appointing her to the Gaming Board, even if he had to shove someone else out of the way. I won't fault her for his foolish error. She is certainly the strongest R, and might be the strongest candidate.

Anonymous said...

Mike should be commended for his decision to run for public office to implement his ideas and to make a difference for those citizens in the 183rd district. However, I think it would be prudent for Mike to honestly evaluate his chances of winning the primary and then being able to bring about the change he desire should he win in the fall. In looking at the Republican primary, currently there is one candidate from Northampton County (a woman)and two candidates from Lehigh County (both men). That dynamic makes Cindy Miller the mostly likely winner in the primary based on how that district has historically voted. Assuming Mike can get through that and win the general, he still has to be able to build coalitions to have a chance of accomplishing anything in Harrisburg. Mike is smart, knowledgeable and passionate. He is also a bit of a curmudgeon and a lone voice in the wilderness. Those latter qualities make it highly unlikely he would have any impact as one of 200+ reps in Harrisburg. The things that Marc Grammes wants to do and Mike's objectives are similar enough so that it would be worthwhile for the two of them to meet and discuss if it makes sense for both of them to be candidates.

Simply put, for Mike or Marc to win they need to be the only R primary candidate from Lehigh County. And Marc is better suited for accomplishing things within the structure that exists in Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

Gary W. Gorman writes:

Best of luck to Michael in his quest to run for this seat. Government needs people like him to fight the good fight, regardless of party affiliation(s).

Anonymous said...

MM should cond9oisder asking Jim Gregory for help in his political quest. Gregory is known as the penultimate political advisor in the Lehigh Valley. His help catapulted the unknown John Brown into the County Executive seat.

The Mediterranean manslab could help MM with his anti-gentile perception and guide him to victory in a crowded primary.

Anonymous said...

Julie is retiring, at age 70 she can collect her handsome pension fromt he state and live happily ever after....pensions get paid just like their salaries budget or no budget

Anonymous said...

7:50 AM quote "The 183d District has a large Democratic base in Allentown".

This is a complete crock of bs. May I be so bold to ask for clairification on this statement. If I am wrong , then so be it and I will learn somnething new today/tonight.

Since when, has the city with out rules and limits ,been a part of the 183rd district.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if Jim Gregory is interested in politics anymore. He is thinking of starting a new ministry in the Lehigh Valley.

Anonymous said...


Pretty sure Jimmy Gregory is going to be on public assistance. Who would hire that thug.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have enough respect for the court NOT to use his name and to delete comments that do. Nor will I permit such comments from others. Although I no longer feel bound by that order, I'd prefer to keep him in the little corner where he placed himself.

Anonymous said...



Fair enough. Sorry for the (honestly unintentional) violation of your rules. I didn't think the court order (enforceable or not) applied to others posting on your blog.

Again, my apologies.

Bernie O'Hare said...

No worries.

Anonymous said...

Blog Mentor needs to get psychiatric help - that guy is completely off of the rails. I don't even mean this to be an insult - I'm sure he will read this comment as he obsessively stalks all of his "enemies." What happened to his daughter is awful, a total tragedy, but I know families of young men and women killed in drunk-driving accidents - far too many - that didn't turn into frothing, borderline incoherent lunatics for a decade. Many of them became advocates for enforcing drunk driving laws and treatment. You know, something positive for their communities. Seriously, get help. I have a feeling if he wasn't surrounded by enablers he'd already have been in a rubber room.

...and unless it is a troll or some kind of inside "joke" the person who obsessively and relentlessly comments about Jim Gregory is also a strange, obsessive stalker. I think I'd be a little freaked out by him or her if I was Gregory. I can go the rest of my life and never hear the word "manslab" and be totally happy.