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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Opinions Online Will Publish On Saturday

Opinions Online is going to be a regular Saturday feature on this blog, and gives you the opportunity to weigh in on any topic. So far, four comments have come in for this week.


NorcoTwink said...

Why don't you write Jim Gregory and ask for his opinion on Browns administration and the ongoing shenanigans in Bethlehem, inquiring minds want to know what he thinks because that ass clown Bill White has been suppressing the slabs LTE's for months.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this feature, last weekend. And yes, I like cheese, too.

Anonymous said...

the title of the blog "Opinions Online Will Publish On Saturady" is perfect for you and your spelling acumen

Unknown said...

Mr. Trotner in the past worked with the coffee party (and still uses their logo) A group that claims to want civil discussion and supports only candidates that do not take donations from big corporations. Then he and the Coffee party all got on board the Obama machine (despite claiming to be nonpartisan and against big money in campaigns)

Now it turns out the leadership of the coffee party has been collecting data and selling it as well as running some sort of pyramid scam. Trotner is now claiming to stand by the values of the Coffee Party but not the national office.

Those values are false. When I pointed out on the facebook page for his new group "let's build the new Allentown" that he was supporting a republican for city controller (Ramos) who links on his campaign page to videos attacking planed parenthood half of my comments were deleted. When I and others in the group called him out on censorship for removing my civil posts they were also deleted.

Robert Trotner is nothing but a hypocrite who will support anyone who talks to him without actually looking into them. That's why he used to blindly support Pawlowski, that's why he now blindly supports Ramos. That's why he blindly supported Obama despite the Obama administration being more entrenched into wallstreet big money then any other administration ever. When you point out his hypocrisy he deletes what you have to say.

I bring this up here because you Bernie have always been honest and willing to let dissenters voice themselves. Thank you for that. It is the cornerstone of debate and much needed in this time of corruption and lack of transparency.

~Elijah LoPinto

Anonymous said...

WE all pray Jim Gregory is doing well.