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Monday, August 03, 2015

Bethlehem Township Will Consider Bamboo Restrictions Tonight

In response to Sean Delonas' complaints about the dangers of running bamboo, Bethlehem Township Commissioners will consider an ordinance at theur meeting tonight, imposing some restrictions on what the Pa. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources recognizes as one of the fastest growing and most invasive plants in the world. The ordinance provides,
"Any property owner or resident who has planted or maintains Bamboo (“Bamboo Property Owner) shall be required to take such measures that are reasonably expected to prevent such Bamboo from invading or growing onto adjoining or neighboring properties. Such measures shall include, but not be limited to, installation of sheathing comprised of metal or other material impenetrable by Bamboo at sufficient depth within the property line or lines where the running Bamboo is planted or growing to prevent the growth or encroachment upon adjoining or neighboring property by the Bamboo.”


Anonymous said...

Hokie Joe says
The township should consider importing "Panda Bears". They love Bamboo shoots and by eating them, they will protect the spreading of this invasive plant and provide an environmental service. wink wink

Anonymous said...

I saw a panda bear on Hudaks roof.

Anonymous said...

Me too. He was talking with a Blue Heron. They were discussing how dysfunctional the BOC has become.

Anonymous said...

Not only will the panda bears eat the Bamboo, after they feast on the delicacy we can feast on the pandas.