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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jeanette Eichenwald's Pay-to-Play Bill Inroduced

Joe Davis (left) and Daryl Hendricks (right)
A bill aimed at curbing pay-to-play in Allentown City Hall has been introduced by Jeanette Eichenwald and seconded by Ray O'Connell. As she did at her joint news conference with Vic Mazziotti, Eichenwald justified the legislation as a win for vendors, elected officials and the public. Vendors would win because they no longer will fell obligated to make contributions as a cost of doing business. Citizens will win because they will see better goods and services. Elected officials will win because they can concentrate on good government.

Though O'Connell provided the second needed for this legislation to move forward, and called it "absolutely, positively the right thing to do," he cautioned that in the seven weeks that have followed the raid on City hall, there have been no charges filed in Allentown. Julio Guridy also pointed out that no one has been charged, and he wants the FBI to conclude its investigation to remove the "dark cloud hanging over the City."

Guridy failed to note that this investigation may very well end with an indictment or two.

Daryl Hendricks corrected a citizen who misquoted some of his previous remarks to the press, and appeared to support the legislation.

Other Council members were silent.

Vic Mazziotti, who fashioned this bill and proposed it in Lehigh County, arrived fashionably late. I told him to go home because the bill had already been defeated.


Anonymous said...

Would have liked to have been there. Had to work. Thanks for staying up into the wee hours.

C.C. said...

that was me above. also meant to say that I, too, wish the FBI would wrap this thing up...the investigation is a cloud, but not as bad as the practices that got us here. Mr Guridy needs to hear that. I know there have been no charges (yet), but the most members of Council conducted themselves during the incinerator deal, the water deal, and in doing nothing about ANIZDA (not even grandstanding)...those are vapors in the Allentown nimbus...

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget Boyle Construction building the Parking Authority's deck.

Anonymous said...

Gridy failed to note that this investigation may very well end with an indictment or two.

Exactly. The feds don't stroll in because they have nothing better to do. Guridy doesn't appear to understand that, or he just likes making senseless political statements.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mazziotti for initiating this movement in the county and city. "Pay to Play" must end.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski is not a crook.

There is absolutely no corruption in the transformative NIZ.

Mazziotti is just another phony politician grandstanding.

Only Democrats truly care, particularly in the one-party town that is the City Without Limits.

Anonymous said...

.....and the Republicans have jumped ship.

Anonymous said...

Guridy is the dummy who gave us the Police Pension disaster AND the Great Watet ripoff.
He should never hold office again.
Never ever.

Anonymous said...

/----Great Water ripoff.... ^^^

Anonymous said...

julio is thee worst. it's hard to tell if he is ignorant or just protecting his own interests. honestly, it doesn't really matter. what ever his issue may be, the end result is that he is an atrocious elected official. praise science that ray will become interim mayor, and not julio. the potential damage he could do in that small window is terrifying to think about. a trash to energy unit for every home?